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Executive Producer Jeff Davis teased recently that a number of former cast members would return for Teen Wolf’s final season. Teen Wolf News can’t tell you exactly who is coming back, but we did find out who fans say they want to see most for the show’s swan song.

5. Kira Yukimura

Arden Cho as Kira Yukimura 'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MGM TV]
Arden Cho as Kira Yukimura 'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MGM TV]

Arden Cho abruptly announced she would not return to in a video after the final episode of Season 5. Her character, Kira, left the show to get her Kitsune lightning powers under control with the help of the skinwalkers, and we were told that could take decades.

While it made narrative sense that she would not return immediately, fans still miss her:

I really want to see Kira back, because I want to learn what happened to her while being with the skinwalkers and see her in more romance with Scott. @Dani_Ropova

Kira, the show is lacking that comic relief she was so good at, 'Teen Wolf' just isn't the same without her. @StydiaUniteProj

Unfortunately, TWN has no evidence that Arden Cho returned to the Teen Wolf set at any time during filming for the second half of the season that began in October.

4. Danny

Keahu Kahuanui as Danny 'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MGM TV]
Keahu Kahuanui as Danny 'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MGM TV]

Danny Māhealani was sort of a background character in Season 1, but fans immediately fell in love with the sometimes shy, gay kid portrayed by Keahu Kahuanui.

He played increasingly larger roles in Seasons 2 and 3, but then abruptly disappeared from the show after revealing that he knew all about the supernatural goings-on in Beacon Hills. His disappearance is one of the major loose threads of the series, and one that fans want to be tied up before it ends.

Danny needs to come back because he literally just vanished without a trace! We saw him tell Ethan (Charlie Carver) he couldn't date a werewolf, revealing that 'Duh, it's Beacon Hills, no shocker about werewolves' but then that was it! He was just gone! No mention of where he went or why. This has been bothering me ever since. @ObsessStilinski

I would love to see Isaac back or Danny just because I don't think their story fully ended. @eohanlon4

I really want to see Ethan and Danny back on the show. Their relationship was so beautiful and so adorable that they deserve to end together. @LeviArtistt

We’ve not seen Kahuanui around the Teen Wolf set at all since filming resumed in October. He also seems to be out of the country (in southern Africa) since January. This suggests he did not return to film Teen Wolf.

3. Isaac Lahey

Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey 'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MGM TV]
Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey 'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MGM TV]

Isaac Lahey (Daniel Sharman) left Beacon Hills with Chris Argent after the death of Allison Argent. While Chris returned to help sort out trouble in Season 4, Isaac’s continued absence and whereabouts are never explained in the show. His story is also considered a loose thread for fans and one they want to be resolved before the end of the last episode.

Isaac Lahey, because he was such a great character and his development was amazing. His heartache after Allison passed away was so tragic, and I definitely want clarification if he's back on his feet or still affected by it. @Memssz

Isaac needs to come back. Aside from being Isaac, he needs to come back because he and Malia need to meet so they can finally fall in love. @sophie_debock_

They need to bring Isaac back! He was the first beta Scott ever had, and his character had a lot to offer! @htgawdbrv

It’s hard to know exactly what Daniel Sharman is up to. He doesn’t do much social media and isn’t one to talk much about himself. We have nothing to suggest he returned to Teen Wolf, but also nothing to suggest he didn't. Hope for Isaac’s return remains very much alive.

2. Allison Argent

Crystal Reed as Allison Argent 'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MGM TV]
Crystal Reed as Allison Argent 'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MGM TV]

Allison is dead, but death never stopped a Teen Wolf character from coming back to the show before. Both Peter Hale and Kate Argent managed to beat their apparent demise. While it appears Allison is really and truly dead, fans still want something more from the character.

Allison must come back because she was and still is one of the main characters and the heart of 'TW,' so she has to come back one last time for the finale as a new flashback scene or something. @juicemansblunt

We need to see Allison in some flashback, their fans need this, we know that's impossible for her to come back, but at least a flashback, please. @helpteenwolf

Crystal Reed because Scallison deserve to be endgame, Lydia needs her BFF back, and Chris never got the chance to finish Allison’s training. @Negar_Tavassoli

Crystal Reed did return to the show for an episode in Season 5, but she was playing her ancestor. We’ve not seen Allison since she died in Scott’s arms at the end of Season 3.

Crystal is also one who doesn’t over share her personal life, meaning we don’t have any hints that she’s returned to film Teen Wolf. However, it appears she is available currently, so hope springs eternal.

1. Derek Hale

'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MGM TV]
'Teen Wolf' [Credit: MGM TV]

Derek Hale is by far the most-requested former character. When we last saw Derek, he was heading off to track down Kate Argent. He'd just evolved to the point where he can turn into a real wolf and then he was gone.

Tyler Hoechlin became one of two breakout stars from the series, but many feel his Teen Wolf story isn’t finished yet.

I need Derek back. The Scott/Derek relationship was such an important element of the show that, while Derek's arc came to a loose close in S4, I believe it's time for him and his story to come to a full close. @Mister_Nick_

Derek because he was so important to Scott and Stiles and he's such an amazing character, my favorite actually. @isafrias_

My first thought was Derek because — although he has nothing left to teach Scott — we are always learning new things and I think it would be perfect for one last life lesson. @NaomiMartiez

We have many indications that Tyler Hoechlin will return to Teen Wolf for the final season. It’s unclear just how much he will appear, but Teen Wolf News feels comfortable reporting that we’ll see more Derek Hale when Teen Wolf returns to MTV this summer.

Is there someone else you'd like to see return to Beacon Hills one last time? Let us know in the comments.


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