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With the announcement that , will be hitting theaters on October 5, 2018, fans eagerly began anticipating their favorite antihero. Other fans who remember the version that appeared in Spider-Man 3 began cursing and 's name. For those who forgot about that version, I am deeply sorry.

Like most heroes and villains in , there have been several versions of the character to choose from. Perhaps Sony is looking to go in a different direction. They have already started this process by featuring Liz Allen as a potential love interest and Ned Leeds, the once and future Hobgoblin as Peter's best friend. So, let's take a look at potential contenders and see who measures up.

Eddie Brock

'Eddie Brock: Venom' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Eddie Brock: Venom' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

The true O.G. to the symbiote, Eddie Brock was a photo journalist and rival to Peter Parker. When Eddie published an article on the true identity of the Sin Eater, a serial killer, he was exposed as a fraud when caught the actual murderer. Brock was fired and made a laughing stock in the journalist community. Brock looked everywhere but couldn't find a job and his wife left him.

Having no where else to turn, her went to church to say a prayer before heading off to commit suicide. In a case of being at the right place at the right time, Spider-Man was up in the bell tower separating himself from the symbiote. The remains of the costume fell down into the chapel creating one of comics' most feared characters.

Eddie Brock has worn many different hats at Marvel. When he was first created, he was a straight-up villain. His only focus was on his vengeance for Spider-Man. Upon the creation of Carnage, Venom learn to put aside his differences with Spider-Man, at least temporarily, until he finally came to grips with it and moved on (Though, I wouldn't expect to see them in a bar, tossing back a few cold ones anytime soon). Venom then proceeded to go the antihero route and starred in a series of limited series in the '90s to varying levels of success. Eddie got cancer and eventually sold the symbiote to the highest bidder in an effort to pay for his medical bills. Walter White would be proud.

Mac Gargan

'Mac Gargan: Venom' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Mac Gargan: Venom' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

MacDonald "Mac" Gargan was for years the Spider-Man villain known as the . Hired by J. Jonah Jameson to undergo experimentation by Dr. Farley Stillwell, Mac Gargan terrorized the web slinger on a regular basis. After being hired by Norman Osborn to kidnap Aunt May in case something happened to him, Gargan was filled in on Spider-Man's then public identity before he ran into the Symbiote. With a shared hatred of Spider-Man, Gargan's criminal prowess, and the symbiote's otherworldly powers, Gargan became the new Venom. He even became an iteration of Spider-Man under Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers but was quickly done away with as the team disbanded.

Flash Thompson

'Agent Venom' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Agent Venom' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Eugene "Flash" Thompson has been in comics as long as Spider-Man. Both first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15, though Spider-Man has, understandably, enjoyed quite a bit more fame and notoriety. Flash Thompson was a bully to Parker all through high school and into his college years. He went off to be a soldier in the Middle East, coming home early with a slight case of losing his legs. He made amends with Peter Parker and the two became the best of friends. Meanwhile, the military still had use for old Flash (not to be confused with Barry Allen), and chose him for their Agent: Venom program. With the symbiote, Flash could create weapons, his strength and senses were enhanced, and best of all, he could use the symbiote to create functional legs.

Lee Price

'Lee Price Venom' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Lee Price Venom' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

After separating from Flash Thompson, the symbiote found its way to Lee Price, an Army Ranger caught between a gang war led by Tombstone and Black Cat. The symbiote sought to save Lee's life and was happy initially due to the fact that Lee was a soldier. However, things took a drastic turn when Price, took it upon himself to slaughter all of the members of each gang. The symbiote protested, however, Price's traumatic childhood kept the symbiote in line.

Honorable Mentions

Ann Weying

Eddie Brock's ex-wife, the symbiote bonded to her at first to save her life from a gun shot wound and then a second time to escape jail on false charges. Distraught from her experiences with the symbiote, she commits suicide when she sees Spider-Man swing by her window in the black costume, fearing Brock was back looking for her.

Angelo Fortunato

Son of a mafia don, Angelo Fortunato was the recipient of the symbiote after his father purchasing it at auction. Angelo learned Spider-Man's secret identity and fought the wall crawler. Defeated, Angelo attempted to flee, but the symbiote left him mid swing, and he fell to his death.


In Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #3, it is established that Deadpool wore the symbiote before Peter Parker and is the reason that the symbiote is driven insane and filled with hate — no, really

Final Thoughts

Venom is character with a rich history. Truthfully, the symbiote gets around more than a sailor on shore leave. The filmmakers have quite a bit of characters to choose from. With a release date for next year, a script in the works and a director in place, fans shouldn't have too long of a wait to find out who will be covered in black goop and eats brains.


Who Will be Venom in the upcoming spin-off?

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