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If you've been a proud owner of video game consoles since the fourth generation's Genesis' and SNES', you've probably figured just how close to indestructible these titans of televisual entertainment were. I've dropped my SNES on occasion and it still (just about) works now, after many hits of the reset button and much blowing in the cart (which I know is bad).

But I'm still yet to have one of these OG consoles just give up the ghost and stop working. Unlike my first PS3 and my Xbox 360, which both just died a death with me barely moving them. Maybe it's down to all of the components and moving parts in modern builds? Maybe it's down to the sheer sorcery of retro gaming systems. Who knows? Actually, I think these guys might.

The destructive fellows over at Wired's Battle Damage decided to design an extra special test to see which of the consoles from the fourth to the seventh generation of consoles could withstand the most heinous amounts of abuse, and still run games.

Dropped from 15ft and showered in Mountain Dew, are you excited to see which console is the toughest of all time?

You will be surprised:

Couldn't watch? Well to save us some time, here are a few gifs to commemorate the carnage and the falling of our plastic heroes.

First up, Battle Damage tested the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Winner: Genesis!

Then they moved onto the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation...

...And the Nintendo 64

Winner: N64!

And after we had the Microsoft Xbox, Sega Dreamcast...

And Nintendo GameCube and Sony PlayStation 2

Winner: Dreamcast!

Finally we had Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Winner: 360!

Then, the boys doused the winning consoles in Mountain Dew...

And attempted to play games on them. And guess who won...


The Sega Dreamcast is the toughest console of all, according to Battle Damage. Shame it didn't show that kind of resolve back when it was on the market, huh? But yeah, there you go. An answer to a question you've probably never posed, but you're glad you now know!

What's the most indestructible console you've owned?

[Source: YouTube]


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