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Matt Carter

The Insidious 2 trailer is set to drop next week and the buzz surrounding this spooky sequel is really starting to build. Shock Till You Drop were able to visit the set of the -directed movie and witness what could be a spoilery scene. Filming was taking place in the Linda Vista Hospital in LA, which is famous for it's dark recesses, rusty pipes and weathered walls and the scene in question involved Lorraine () and a new character named Carl (). Here's how the brief scene played out:

Carl: Why was he here in the first place?

Lorraine: He tried to castrate himself?

Wow. Who's He and why did he try to hack off his unmentionables? I'm starting to get pretty stoked for this fright flick and am hoping that the upcoming trailer can give us some more clues about the fate of the Lambert family.

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