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The ended with a bang: a Best Picture award mix-up that stands as the biggest mistake in the Academy's history. was awarded the for Best Picture, only to have it snatched away at the last moment. was rightfully presented with the prestigious award, and all involved parties moved on.

Yet there was a different highlight on Oscar night: the moment when rocked the world of Vicki from Chicago, with only a whisper.

This moment has since gone viral, leading to a slew of memes. Here's a round-up of the very best:

12. Prequel Revisionism

Gosling troubles Vicki with his ignorance. Maybe this helps us understand his aversion to sequels.

11. Ruining 'The Notebook'

Dropping savage truths about The Notebook, right in front of everyone. We all knew it, Ryan, you never had us fooled.

10. Superbowl Banter

I don't know where she's been hiding if she didn't know this already. Maybe she's a Falcons fan and he's just a cold-hearted bastard.

9. Troubling Predictions

It's no Saving Private Ryan, but it's not that bad. Right?

8. Food For Thought

After Jimmy Kimmel whetted appetites by dropping candy and cookies on the crowd, it's easy to understand why Gosling might have lunch on his mind. But a hot dog is not a sandwich, alright?

7. Gosling Swings Right

has being blowing hot air about the for a while now, so he probably deserves an honourable mention. Who knew that his inside man was actually Gosling?

6. Get Your Coat

Or, was she merely contemplating how quickly she could cut ties and run off into the sunset with the Best Actor nominee? He didn't take home an Oscar, but he might've taken home a Vicki. Watch out, Gary.

5. Uni Problems

Maybe she wasn't contemplating that at all. Perhaps his sultry whisper just reminded her of all those looming deadlines. You shouldn't be on tour with Jimmy Kimmel, Vicki, you're supposed to be building a diorama.

4. Cut Off One Head...

Here's the only allegiance more troubling than a vote for Trump. Gosling, you sly operative. In all seriousness, we probably won't see him as a Hydra goon because of the whole 'no sequels' thing. Grow up and play a comic book character, Ryan. Geez.

3. The Inconvenient Truth

Dropping some serious socio-economic truths on the red carpet. Nobody ever accused him of being any fun at parties.

2. Or...That

This one kind of speaks for itself...

1. For Your Consideration

Some men just want to watch the world burn. This has to take the top spot. She might not even realize what it meant until the end, and by would all be too late.

What's your favorite Ryan Gosling whispering meme? Let us know in the comments below.


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