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Independent horror thriller Whispers of the Forest has two major honors: for one, it's the first Chilean film ever to be released in 3d. Secondly, it has the most absurd and contradictory translation of its title I've ever seen in my life: in Spanish, the movie's called Gritos del bosmue. If you more or less remember some of your High School Español lessons, you'll know that the word "gritos" in Spanish means screams. How 'screams' became 'whispers' is anybody's guess, but it's a safe bet to assum that everybody involved knows the difference. I suppose there was an ulterior motive there, be it marketing or any other.

Anyway, this promising Latino horror movie has its first official trailer out, and I can't say it's looking too bad. Sure, the 'lost in the haunted forest' trope has been exploited to the bone in the past decades and a half (ever since The Blair Witch Project broke the ground in 1999), but most horror movie fans don't care about plot stereotypes if the movie succeeds in its fundamental purpose: to scare the crap out of its viewers.

Now, not having seen this particular example of the genre, I can't really vouch for its inherent 'scariness.' But, I'll grant them that the trailer doesn't look half-bad, and if it's any indication of the final product I'm pretty sold that this film can induce the occasional chill, shudder, goosebump and prickled hair. Another feature that makes it kinda attractive is the bilingual nature of the dialogue: in the trailer, most of the spoken lines are in English, but everything's subtitled in Spanish (presumably because the trailer is intended for a Spanish-speaking audience, I'm not sure if they'll keep the subtitles in the US version); nevertheless, there are the occasional outbursts in Miguel de Cervantes' language that give the impression that the movie will see plenty of both tongues.

Whispers of the Forest is Chilean director 's fifth feature film, after Ángel negro, Sangre eterna, Solos and Caleuche: el llamado del mar. The official synopsis reads:

'Whispers of the Forest' revolves around a pair of Chilean women hired as guides to take a team of international engineers into the wild to conduct a survey for a proposed dam. But what they find are the ghosts of warriors slain in battle five hundred years before...

Watch the trailer below:


What say you, horror fans? Lookin' good?

Whispers of the Forest 3D will be for sale at Santa Monica's AFM market next month. It's expected for a theatrical release at some point in 2014.

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