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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Oh the drama! Oh the suspense! Season Three of How To Get Away With Murder premiered last night, and it was an absolute (*spoilers*) blazer. New characters, new salty Annalise one-liners and of course, a fresh dead body. Cue the internet immediately setting alight with wild speculation over just who doesn’t make it out of Season three alive, all while Annalise’s house burns gloriously to the ground in the distance.

Surprisingly, the HTGAWM cast can relate to our current state of delirium and confusion. In this Season, each episode rules out a different character from being the body and while filming, not even the crew knew who that would be until they did the table-read for that days shoot. Speaking to EW, Karla Souza who plays Laurel Castillo said that when she eventually found out who was beneath the white sheet:

"I never thought that it would hurt so much. I still don’t think it’s happening, because it’s a family, and to feel like your family is no longer going to be there is awful. It’s hard to remember that they’re not actually dying. We were all crying like babies, and I’ve been depressed. It’s heartbreaking and a shocking thing. Of course the story needs it, but we’re human beings.”

As we deal with how disturbing Karla's reaction is to the dead character's identity, the Season premiere also had a bucketload of other shockers to absorb. Firstly, there was the breakup of Coliver, then the reveal that Annalise is a keen gardener and finally that Frank looks surprisingly hot sans-facial hair. With so much to take in, lets take a moment to reflect, perhaps over a tall glass of vodka, and piece together some of the episode's clues as to just who might be RIPing under that white ambulance sheet.

Victim No.1: Oliver Hampton

How To Get Away With Murder
How To Get Away With Murder

Slowly working his way up the ranks, Season three sees Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) make the leap from being a show regular to becoming a main character. A bonafide tech wizard, in the Season two finale we saw him hacking his now ex-boyfriend Connor's email account and deleting his acceptance email for a transferal to Stanford law school, keeping him in Philadelphia instead.

Burning with guilt, the Season three premiere sees Oliver in Annalise's office begging for a job. Annalise all but turns him down until he reveals what he's done, and by doing so, alerts Annalise to the idea that he probably knows more about her and her teams sordid, murderous past than he is letting on.

Why Oliver Dies In Season Three:

  • Because he's the sacrificial lamb. There's nothing that HTGAWM likes to do more than show terrible things happening to good people.
  • His innocence and likability coupled with his relative outsider status makes him the perfect victim. While causing viewers heart-break, he is also not one of Annalise's 'original five' so wouldn't risk losing quite as many viewers for future Seasons.
  • His loyalty will get him killed. Ultimately, we all know that Coliver are meant to be together and what better way to show that then to have Oliver die to protect Connor in some dramatic, tragic, but inherently romantic way.

Victim No.2: Meggy Travers

How To Get Away With Murder
How To Get Away With Murder

Ominously absent for most of the episode but mentioned numerous times in passing, we finally meet Wes's new girlfriend Meggy (Corbin Reid) at the very end of the Season premiere. Naturally we meet her at the same time as Laurel, giving us a brilliantly visual love triangle which is most likely going to spiral out of control as Wes and his gormless puppy face finds itself, yet again, unhappy in love. Please see the below evidence of Laurel's pained face whilst embraced in Meggy's hug for proof of impending love triangle apocalypse:

How To Get Away With Murder
How To Get Away With Murder

Why Meggy Dies In Season Three:

  • Because of Wes's terrible track record with women he loves.
  • Because she's just been introduced to the Season. If you think Annalise's sobs of agony over discovering the identity of the deceased are genuine sobs and not the fake sobs of someone covering up a terrible, murderous crime, just remember the moment she asked to be shot to stage a crime scene. The woman knows no bounds.
  • Because she's 'a hugger.'
  • Because she's clearly a romantic obstacle preventing the true love of Wes and Laurel from finally being allowed to flourish freely, as it should.

Victim No.3: Nate Lahey

How To Get Away With Murder
How To Get Away With Murder

Nate 'not an ounce of body-fat' Lahey (Billy Brown) is back in Annalise's sheets and the world is (for now) rejoicing. Having tampered untold amounts of evidence for her, becoming her students getaway driver and getting his job put on the line numerous times all while his wife was dying of cancer, it's fair to say that Annalise and Nate's relationship has not been your standard Netflix and chill affair. However, perhaps this next murderous debacle will prove one too many for this beautiful man to handle and so we may have to say goodbye to this smooth talking adonis once and for all.

Why Nate Dies in Season Three:

  • Because if Annalise's reaction is genuine after she discovers who the deceased person under the sheet is, only Nate, Wes or perhaps Bonnie's untimely passing could make her howl and sob quite to that extent.
  • The cadaver looks tall and broad, making a good case for it being one of the male characters, and with Nate being the tallest and broadest of all, it could very easily be him.
  • Given Nate's track record for going above and beyond the call of duty for Annalise, it's very likely that he would put not only his job, but his life on the line for her if needed.
  • Because Annalise cannot be happy in love. With her husband Sam turning out to be a murderer and her love for Eve not being strong enough to keep their relationship going, it would seem logical to keep her in a state of perpetual romantic tragedy by taking away the man that she loves.

Victim No.4: Wes Gibbins

How To Get Away With Murder
How To Get Away With Murder

Annalise's favorite, the forever angsty Wes (Alfred Enoch), unlucky in love, unlucky in life but always wistful looking while riding a bike, could Season three be his swan song? Having dodged plenty of disastrous situations over the previous two Seasons, discovering the true fate of his mother as well as the true identity of his father, perhaps Wes' story is just doomed to be one of tragedy and despair. Which is perhaps punishment for failing to see that Laurel is the absolute driving force holding both his life and the show together and he's a fool for rejecting her perfect, beautiful face.

Why Wes Dies In Season Three:

  • Because, like Nate, the only other person that would merit Annalise's hysterical post-cadaver reaction would be Wes, her son who actually is not her son.
  • Given that Wes revealed himself to be quite newly-ripped after opening the door to Laurel while topless in this weeks episode (see above), he would, like Nate, fit the bill of the 'tall and broad' person beneath the sheet.
  • If we take into account Karla Souza who plays Laurel's earlier quote discussing how everyone sobbed when they discovered which character was to die, coupled with the fact that she was depressed and heartbroken by it, there is good reason to believe that it is Wes that dies. It seems to indicate that it's one of the Annalise's 'five' who unfortunately passes on to the other side given the sense that the cast felt as though they lost 'one of the family.'
  • Because we've just been introduced to a new character,'Mr. Drake,' a fellow law student, who could well be being groomed to take the place of one of Annalise's 'five.' For now he seems like an arrogant nightmare of a human, but when he murders someone or gets himself involved in a colossal cover up on Annalise's behalf, we're sure to fall for him.

So, who do you think is dead underneath that white sheet?

(Sources: EW)


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