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After a season full of surprises and reveals, The Flash saved the most shocking reveals for last. While last week's jaw-dropping episode saw Team Flash unable to save Iris West from being killed by Savitar, the finale wasted no time in revealing what really happened.

If you thought last week's episode was emotional, prepare yourself for this one. The aount of shocking deaths and questionable fates left the internet in a mess as fans were shocked by character deaths — and in awe of the shocking finale. Let's take a look at the major "deaths" and how fans responded to them.

H.R. Sacrifices Himself

Picking up right where we left off, we saw Barry cradling a dead Iris as Team Flash members mourned the loss of his beloved fiancée. However, Iris suddenly came back to life and called Barry "B.A." And suddenly, Iris's face transformed into H.R.'s, confirming the shocking truth that Savitar had indeed killed the lovable Earth-19 version of Harrison Wells.

As always, the internet had plenty to say about it. Check out the best reactions below:

Killer Frost Kills Black Flash

While that was incredibly emotional, H.R. wasn't the only character who met an untimely end in season finale. The phantom speedster known as Black Flash met a rather unexpected icy fate at the hands of his former love interest.

This time last year, the terribly frightening Zoom had one weakness: his love for Caitlin Snow. But she couldn't save him from his dark path. When the Flash finally defeated him in the Season 2 finale, he was taken away by Time Wraiths and transformed into Black Flash — the dark avenging speedster who obliterated the Reverse-Flash for messing with time.

But in an incredible turn of events, Savitar had Killer Frost freeze Black Flash, killing him once and for all. Looks like after all this time, Caitlin still is Zoom's weakness.

Iris Kills Savitar

Despite initially getting through to Savitar, Future Flash still intended on executing his plan and becoming a god in order to stay alive. While the Flash and his team of Speedsters, not to mention Vibe, Gypsy and Killer Frost all stopped him, it was Iris who finally put an end to him as she shot him to save Barry.

Fans who were so afraid that they lost their beloved Iris were more than satisfied with that shocking turn of events. Iris West-Allen is back, and not even Savitar could stop her!

Barry Sacrifices Himself To The Speed Force

After one emotional season finale, our hearts just broke to see Barry Allen sacrifice himself to the Speed Force prison. Now that Jay Garrick had returned from the prison world, the Speed Force just couldn't cope and began destroying Central City.

As it manifested before him as his own mother Nora, Barry agreed that he had finally reached his "finish line." He emotionally said goodbye to everyone before taking Nora's hand and disappearing into the Speed Force.

So there you have it. A depressing and upsetting season of The Flash was capped off with one of the most emotional episodes yet. As fans wrap their heads around the shocking deaths, we are left wondering about how on earth will the show survive without our beloved Flash?

One thing is for certain though, it's going to be a long wait for Season 4!

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