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Negan has already taken too many people from us in this season of , but one question we're asking ourselves: Will he kill someone else in the mid-season finale? It sure as f*ck looks like it.

Negan has one hell of a body count in The Walking Dead so far, and now that has confirmed he'll still be around when Season 8 starts, it looks like he'll be going for the gold in the show, too.

Before we go on...beware!

To date, through seven episodes of , Negan's only had two confirmed kills, if you don't count the walkers we've seen him take down. But man, were his kills big. Our favorite pizza boy Glenn and Abe 'Orange Crush' Ford are no more, and judging from the promo for Episode 8, Negan might just be getting warmed up.

Most of the promo is pretty much what you'd expect. People mad at the villain, the villain acting like an asshat, a possible alliance between communities to bring down said villain. The title of the episode, “Hearts Still Beating,” suggests happy times, but looking at the last few seconds of the promo says otherwise.

Rick is shocked:

Negan appears to be bloody (and shaved!):

And Rick is once again, a sobbing mess:

There is only one thing that brings Rick to tears, and that's losing his family and friends.

But who was it?? Who did Negan kill this time? Blood, tears, and evil smiles all point to it happening; let's run down the list and see who has the best chance of being Negan's next victim.

Carl - It Would Utterly Destroy Rick

Now that the cat's been out of the bag for a couple weeks that Chandler Riggs is going to college soon, the internet has been afire (or at least smoldering loudly) with rumors and speculation that Carl is going to bite it, and soon. He could balance college and career, seeing how they're filming only a couple hours away from his future school, but he could also exit stage left and concentrate on his studies. And of course, there is this tweet from him:

And this Facebook post by his dad:

Neither of which exactly help the case for him stayin' alive.

This unconfirmed list of actors and which episode they appear in isn't the best news, either.

Credit: The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook
Credit: The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook

As you can see, Carl, as of late October, was only confirmed (that term is used loosely) to have filmed through Episode 9, while others were all the way out to Episode 13.

Not good, Carl Poppa.


Rick's honey isn't exactly safe at the moment, either. Last we saw her, she was Ubering around with a female Savior, and did a slow turn at something amazing, terrifying, or really gross in front of the car. Her goal? To kill Negan herself, just like Carl and Rosita. And Rick and Aaron, if that's why they're out stealing some poor dead guy's guns. She is so not safe right now. But if the list above means anything, she was spotted filming Episode 12, so maybe...?

Despite all that, you know the look on Rick's face in the promo screams, “NOT AGAIN!!!” Remember that face from last season? When Jessie bit it?

Looks kinda familiar, doesn't it?

Rick and his women...dang.


Rosita was spotted shooting Episode 13 so, like Michonne, her crazy, brazen actions might not get her killed...just yet. Or Negan may put her precious bullet in her head. I really hope not...we have to see Eugita for at least one episode!


Daryl Dixon, like the two ladies before him, seems to be safe, according to The List. But the big dummy is once again trying to escape in the promo, and that didn't end too well for him last time. Even if someone slipped him a motorcycle key.


No, Rick would never cry over Spencer. But the way the promo plays out makes it seem like Spencer will be buying the farm in the mid-season finale. Negan has blood on his chin and shirt, just like this scene in the comics:

Right after he guts the little weasel, there's blood where? On his chin and shirt. And looking back at the list above, Spencer's time might be up in Episode 8.

Read more on Season 8:

Final Thoughts

You know what I think is going to happen in the mid-season finale? I'll just come out and say it.

is going to kill two more people.

Three of Rick's people are gunning for Negan, so at least one of them will have to die as punishment. And Spencer HAS to die, because he sucks.

But who will be number two? Let me know in the poll below, or in the comments!


Who's going to bite the dust in the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead?


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