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A team of super-powered heroes, even a group as unlikely as The Defenders, needs a powerful enemy to fight. Otherwise, what's the point? Enter Alexandra, played by Sigourney Weaver.

, just months away from premiering on Netflix, assembles a team of street-level Avengers, each of whom debuted in their own individual series. These characters, who get along far better off-screen than on, will take on Weaver's mysterious character. So far, however, the precise nature of their battle is uncertain.

In we learned that the Hand is an organization split into factions who each have very different objectives. From the latest The Defenders trailer we also learned that Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver) seems to be the decisive leader of the Hand.

Recently, while speaking with TV Guide, Luke Cage actor Mike Colter revealed that Alexandra has been pulling the strings all along in the previous shows:

“The villains that we’re dealing with are a combination of several entities, and they all have something to do with our separate stories that have played out in each of our own individual series. So this has been going on for a while. It wasn’t obvious in each individual series, but in this series you’ll find out that the things that happened to all of us basically were all because of one entity and that’s what’s gonna kind of tie things together and then we’ll see that, we’ll understand that, and before you know it, eventually we’ll fight together or not.”

How Has Alexandra Influenced Each Defender's Life?

'The Defenders' [Credit: Netflix]
'The Defenders' [Credit: Netflix]

Let's break down each character's run-ins with bad guys.

In Season 1 of Daredevil, Wilson "the Kingpin" Fisk extended his criminal influence over New York City, leading to the birth of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. In Jessica Jones, we discovered that Jones got her special abilities from an accident involving the company IGH. Luke Cage showed how Cage was experimented on in Seagate Prison, and that Hammer Industries was behind the bullets that could penetrate Cage's skin.

Furthermore, The Hand made abducted children in Season 2 of as the evil ninja Nobu came back from the dead. Elektra was killed, but put through a resurrection ritual. In Iron Fist, a different faction of the Hand was shown to be infiltrating many of New York City's high-end corporations, like Rand Enterprises.

Most likely, Alexandra is herself the owner of a corporation, possibly one that buys and sells other businesses. The chemical company IGH and Hammer Industries could be subsidiary companies belonging to Alexandra, establishing her connection to Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Her influence over Danny Rand can be seen in the Hand's involvement in Rand Corporation's behind-the-scenes. Her deals with the Hand could also be more supernatural than we think, tying her to Stick, Elektra and Daredevil.

Surprisingly so, it seems she might as well be tied to a deep supernatural sect of the Hand. While speaking with International Business Times, Netflix costume designer Stephanie Maslansky said that Alexandra belongs to an ancient organization:

I think that she’s clearly a baddie, and she’s the head of an ancient organization which is grounded in the comics. I hope that her wardrobe reflects that kind of ancientness.

What Is Alexandra's End Goal?

'Daredevil' [Credit: Netflix]
'Daredevil' [Credit: Netflix]

Alexandra has been influencing the lives of our favorite Netflix heroes for a long time. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist have all been touched by her work; ultimately, she's the one that has brought them together as a team. Her dealings with the Hand and her corporate means are perhaps the beginning to a plan that poses far more danger to New York (and perhaps even the world at large) than anything in the prior shows featuring each hero.

We'll learn a lot more when The Defenders appears on Netflix August 18.

What do you think Alexandra is after? Let me know in the comments below!

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