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The Governor has returned. The next episode of The Walking Dead seems to be centred around the one eyed antagonist.

The maniac, played by , made a short appearance in the end of the last Interment episode. Rick's crew was trying to fight the flu inside the prison, unaware that another enemy was watching them from outside...

AMC has released a sneak peek clip and a promo video from the upcoming episode 6 of season 4, titled Live Bait. It seems to be very Governor-heavy with both clips focusing on his character. We last saw him when he butchered his own people in the season 3 finale. The new episode is going to pick up this storyline and we will probably figure out what he has been up to during all this time. What kind of evil plan could he have in mind against Rick and his struggling crew?

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In the sneak peek clip we see The Governor leaving the scene of the massacre with two of his accomplices after killing his people. Then another, even more unsettling, scene follows: a walker tries to attack the camp during the night. As the monster is approaching and is getting closer and closer to the governor through the fire in front of him; he does not flinch, but remains absolutely immobile... In the last second, one of his henchmen shoots the zombie, saving the governor from being eaten, while he still doesn't even move. Does this suspenseful little scene suggest that this villainous maniac is going to be crazier than ever? Is it him, who is going to be the "live bait" as part of some kind of evil plan?

The episode is directed by Michael Uppendahl and penned by Nichole Beattie. It is airing on Sunday, November 17.

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