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Iain Armitage just stepped into some very big, eccentric shoes when it was announced that he would be taking on the role of a young Sheldon Cooper in the prequel spin-off of Big Bang Theory, .

Young Sheldon received a straight-to-series order and will begin airing during the 2017–2018 season. In addition, the series seems to have received the ultimate gift wrapping, as Jim Parsons has signed to be the voiceover narrator for the series.

With Parsons having won a Golden Globe and four Emmy Awards for portraying the genius scientist, Armitage has his work cut out for him, but it would seem that Armitage may very well be the one kid who is up for the task. He's certainly got some heavy hitting Hollywood friends.

Who is , anyways?

Pint-Sized Theater Critic

Armitage saw his first play when he was three years old and soon after, began posting Broadway reviews and his own rendition of Broadway classics on the YouTube channel Iain Loves Theatre. As of March 16, 2017, his channel has just over 5,100 subscribers.

At eight years old, Armitage continues to enjoy live theater, and when agent Jamie Pillet saw the youngster's Facebook page and reached out to his mother (producer Lee Armitage), no one could have expected that Pillet would sign him. Lee Armitage was not thrilled about the prospect of her son entering the entertainment field at a young age, but decided they should meet with Pillet during a pre-planned trip to New York. Iain Armitage showed dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, and was signed.

Entertainment Is In Armitage's Blood

Iain Armitage might have already appeared in shows like Big Little Lies and I'm Not Here, but his family has the theater running through their veins. His mother is a theater producer and his dad is Euan Morton, who is perhaps most famous for having played Boy George in a theater production of Taboo and is currently starring in Hedwig And The Angry Inch, a play which is very definitely not for kids Iain's age.

He's Worked With Some Big Names

For a kid who's only eight, Iain Armitage has worked with some Hollywood heavyweights. After Law & Order: SVU, where he made his debut, he worked with Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley on Big Little Lies, and made a name for himself as a result of his nuanced performance.

“I love playing," Armitage said about preparing for his role. "Things like Transformers. Movies is basically just playing, but bigger, and people watching.” This is a very casual observation for a young man who's already held his own with some huge names on the Hollywood scene.

His Performance Card Is Quickly Filling Up

In addition to appearing in I'm Not Here with J.K. Simmons, the young Armitage will also be co-starring in The Glass Castle with Academy Award winner Brie Larson. Between these two roles, Big Little Lies and maintaining his YouTube channel, Armitage won't be struggling to find ways to keep himself busy.

'Young Sheldon' Can't Come Soon Enough

If Armitage's work on Big Little Lies or his work on his YouTube channel is any indication, it seems as though he will surprise and impress when it comes to his role as a young Sheldon Cooper. While there is no official timeline when it comes to production of the new series, Young Sheldon will doubtless be a show that will gain a new legion of viewers.

Meanwhile, to tide audiences over until Young Sheldon hits the small screen, here's Iain Armitage working alongside Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda:

What do you think of Armitage being cast to play young Sheldon Cooper?


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