ByTheodore Donald Kerabatsos, writer at
I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

The rumors been swirling for AGES and we now might finally have the answer...

Will the Dinobots be starring in -starring Transformers: Age of Extinction? It looks like we can tentatively say yes. We have an accidental leak, guys!

Just look at this female crew members choice of hat for a days shooting in Chicago. It's got the T4 logo on it, and some claw marks. It's the claw marks that are the key - representing those mysterious Dinobots!

I hope we'll be seeing them, they're a rather rowdy, loud n' violent bunch in Transformers lore, and will provide quite the opposition for our heroes. Having some claw marks on the original logo is quite the giveaway (but I hope our crew friend doesn't get in too much trouble!).

Here's some more photo's from the set in Chicago, and we get to see in the flesh! Check em' out:



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