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The hype surrounding the 2017 Jumanji sequel is getting far too much to bear, mostly due to the fact that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson keeps sharing on-set photos and teasers. Johnson's latest Instagram post has really got us running wild though thanks to the big reveal that Jumanji 2 just cast Nick Jonas as a delightful bonus. As it stands, we have to say that the cast so far is looking mighty fine and we cannot wait to battle dangers in the wilderness with Dr. Smolder Bravestone and friends. Check out Dwayne's post below to see Jonas looking incredibly rugged in his jungle get-up:

Ooof, he's like a real life Action Man. We're hoping to see Nick take on the horrors of Jumanji and hopefully live to tell the tale. Now, if that post hasn't got you all worked up and ready to run away to the rainforest, then this post definitely will:

In case you're wondering if Nick could survive Jumanji, check out the video below that sees him prooving his mettle by battling the elements with Bear Grylls:

Looking at that video, I'd say Jonas is more than prepared for all the jungle has to throw at him. With this in mind, we have to ask just who is is he going to be playing? Nothing has been revealed yet regarding Jonas's character, but we have a few ideas as to who he could be.

Who Will Nick Jonas Be In Jumanji 2?

1. Grown-Up Peter Shepherd

The timeline of the new movie is still hidden deep in the dark caves of the jungle. All we know is that the film is set to be a continuation of the original story. Therefore, I would argue that Nick could be playing an older Peter Shepherd who returns to the wild. Arguably, it makes sense that there would be a player that knows the world of Jumanji and is able to guide the characters through the perils and pitfalls. Jonas definitely looks the part, looking at the side by side of both Peter and Nick.

2. Alan Parish Before He Was Brought Back

We all remember Alan was trapped in Jumanji for 26 years and in that time became quite the wild-man. It stands to reason that Nick's role could be Alan during his Jumanji years. Moreover, we've already seen Jonas in jungle attire, so we know he's ready for action. In addition, the heartthrob is the perfect age to play a mid-twenties Alan, who is seeking to escape back to the human world and find his parents. However, it would mean there is some overlap between the two movies rather than it being years later. Nevertheless that is the beauty of Jumanji, as absolutely anything could happen.

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3. An Avatar Character

There have been several theories circulating the internet about whether or not there will be an actual board game. One such theory has suggested that the new movie might focus on video games and that the jungle characters are in fact avatars. We could definitely see Nick as one of the possible avatar choices. Who wouldn't want to choose the gorgeous pop star to guide them on adventures? On the plus side, the use of avatars would mean there doesn't need to be any character backstory, so we wouldn't have to worry about how these people came to be in Jumanji, they just are.

The cast so far create the perfect selection of video characters. The Rock has strength, Jack Black's character looks like the smart one, Kevin Hart's character looks resourceful and Karen Gillian's role just looks incredibly bad-ass. In addition, Jonas has a sense of speed and adventure about him and he definitely brings a whole new level of sexy to the team.

The casting of Nick Jonas is very exciting and only increases the buzz surrounding the movie. Seeing the cast selection, I can honestly say I'm looking forward to knowing what they do with this sequel.

The original movie scared the living daylights out of me as a child and honestly, I want to feel that way all over again as an adult. We have a long wait on our hands though, as the movie is not due out until July next year. However, with such a solid cast that keeps getting better by the day, we're very hopeful for the success of this sequel. I just hope they make Robin Williams proud.


Who do you think Nick Jonas will play in 'Jumanji 2'?


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