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This article contains spoilers from Riverdale Season 1.

It's been five months since the colorful characters of comics burst onto our screens in The CW's and, since then, we've become very fond of them all. However, with the first season coming to a close, it's about time we found out the answer to 's biggest mystery — which one of the Riverdale residents is responsible for the murder of Jason Blossom?

Last week's episode took us one step closer to answering this question. Veronica and Archie searched FP's trailer looking for evidence tying him to Jason's murder, but the two teenagers found nothing. However, things took a turn when FP was arrested after a gun was found in his house. This troubled Archie and Veronica — they remained confident that the gun wasn't there prior to their search, meaning that FP was being set up, but by whom?

Tonight's episode saw Archie and Veronica take the case to their parents, hoping for a little guidance on the matter. Unfortunately, they were of no help and Alice Cooper remained convinced that FP was behind Jason's murder. When all hope was apparently lost for FP, new evidence came to light to prove his innocence as Archie, Veronica, Kevin, Jughead and Betty finally learned the identity of Jason Blossom's killer, and it was a shock that no one saw coming.

And The Killer Is ... Clifford Blossom!

After a season of twists, cliffhangers and relationship drama, it became increasingly difficult to choose a suspect. Everyone in Riverdale has their secrets and, if we're being honest, we still don't know the residents all that well so, in reality, they could be capable of anything.

Tonight's episode was full of shocking twists and turns, most importantly the revelation that the Coopers are actually related to the Blossoms by blood, meaning that Polly and Jason were actually related. Bet you didn't see that one coming!

Additionally, Mustang — one of the South Side Serpents — turned up dead, which made Joaquin feel guilty, and he confessed his involvement in the Jason Blossom cover up, pointing Jughead, Betty and Kevin in the right direction. With this instruction, the three teenagers found Jason's varsity jacket and Betty then discovered a USB drive hidden inside the jacket.

The Riverdale kids discovered a video file on the drive; it was a recording of Jason's murder. They watched in horror, tears in their eyes. Immediately afterwards, Betty rang Cheryl and Cheryl confronted her parents, and it was here that viewers discovered the identity of the killer: it was Clifford Blossom, who had murdered Jason.

Clifford killed himself before he could be taken into police custody, leaving us wondering why on earth he would have killed his own son.

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

With this shocking revelation, who knows what lies ahead for Archie and his friends in next week's season finale? One thing's for sure, the town of Riverdale will never be the same again.

Riverdale concludes next Thursday on The CW.


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