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The big question is, who's coping better after the RPatz-Kstew breakup? New, gritty Guantanamo Bar movie or not, glum-old still doesn't look like she's having the best of times, whilst ...let's just say, single life is looking FUN.

In fact, he's playing the field. Remember , who he is apparently dating? Well, she doesn't seem to be on his mind in this shot taken on July 22...just who is this girl he is kissing?

RPatz is currently in Toronto filming Maps to the Stars, and this shot stems from a dinner he was having with his co-stars, including and her other-half . Reports had suggested Riley n' Rob were a couple, so this shot is rather shocking. Of course, it could be merely a friendly peck between friends, but I'm not sure. So, is Robert single, or not?

One of those uber-reliable, trustworthy-TO-THE-HILT sources said this about Robert's relationship status to Hollywood Life:

”Rob will probably be seen with other girls along with Riley. He generally considers himself both single to his friends and exclusive when he is with Riley. He wants his cake and eat it to kind of thing. It’s getting very physical between him and Riley, but he still isn’t ready to pull the trigger on a full relationship as he will be away filming soon and he doesn’t want to ruin something that is blossoming by leaving. He is aware that something still might happen, but he is being cautious. But with a strongly physical relationship that is happening, he knows that can always lead to more, so his mind is everywhere."

First of all, that's a long quote for an anonymous source! Maybe he really is a close friend of RPatz!? Regardless, it makes sense to be noncommital when you're busy filming movies and have just endured a highly dramatic breakup, after a relationship that was consistently under the media's glare. I wouldn't even call it being a lothario, it's more a natural tentative reaction to his situation.

What does everyone think? Who is this girl? Sad for ?


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