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Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen the fifth episode of Westworld, quit your job, go home and watch it right now!

Stability is a myth in . As soon as we think we have both our bearings and a grasp of the characters, the rug is pulled yet again, sending everything up in the air. This week the rug that was pulled under us had a name. And that name is Wyatt.

As HBO's epic new show peels back its layers, we become more familiar with each character, however one remains shrouded in darkness and mystery. The twisted evil of Wyatt was revealed in the third episode as Ford programmed Teddy to hunt down the insane cult leader. Ford wove a story that Wyatt was was Teddy's commanding officer in the Yankee army before he went haywire and started a murderous cult that terrorized the fringes of Westworld.

When the show started, each character was scattered and isolated in their own narratives. Now it seems as though all roads lead to Wyatt as Dolores, Teddy, the Man in Black and William all rush to unmask the mystery of the psychopathic cult leader.

Check out the trailer for the fifth episode, "Contrapasso":

We're going to do some digging and see if we can uncover some pertinent theories that can help us shine some light on the enigmatic evil of the man (or thing) simply known as Wyatt.

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Wyatt Is The Most Intelligent Host

We know that co-creator of Westworld, Arnold, went mad trying to develop sentient life and grant his creations with free will. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) explains to Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) that his partner never made it to the end of his experiment, but Ford is known to keep the truth hidden behind smoke and mirrors. Maybe Arnold managed to bring the perfect host into existence before meeting his maker.

Dolores also hears the 'voice of God' and is destined for sentience / HBO
Dolores also hears the 'voice of God' and is destined for sentience / HBO

Now, Arnold's creation has gone AWOL and is claiming as many hosts for his own rebellion as he tries to escape the park. The mastermind behind the madness also left enough clues in the park for others to find Wyatt to support his cause. The voice that haunts Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and pushes her off her assigned track is the same 'voice of God' that twisted Wyatt to become the uncontrollable force that threatens the safety of the park.

Wyatt Is Arnold, Co-Creator, In Hiding

"Contrapasso" left us asking a lot of questions, but one thing it made clear was that Dolores was consciously following the voice in her head known as Arnold. She kept this from Ford and Bernard and started to deviate from her prescribed narrative to become more confident and more inquisitive. The Man in Black (Ed Harris) makes it clear in his exchange with Ford he's look for the deeper meaning of the park and only Arnold has the answer.

Who is the man at the centre of the maze? / HBO
Who is the man at the centre of the maze? / HBO

The relationship Ford had with his former partner seems to have turned sour and it seems as though Ford may be erasing the last traces of Arnold. Hence the updates Ford makes to Teddy's programming, sending him to kill Wyatt instead of being a lovesick gun-for-hire. In Teddy's flashback Wyatt is a solider gone mad, but that could just be the set narrative that Ford has designed. We don't know what Wyatt truly looks like, only his demonic, blood-thirsty followers.

Wyatt, The Red Herring

Another theory suggests that Wyatt is merely a mirage, an enormous distraction that keeps everyone's attention on the maze. When Ford and the Man in Black finally meet face to face, the co-creator of Westworld belittles him and claims the rampant urgency of Ed Harris' character reveals a desperation. The Man in Black asks if Wyatt was created to be "[s]omeone to stop me from reaching the center of the maze" but Ford denies it and claims he's not standing in anyone's way.

"Contrapasso" also revealed that Dolores and William (Jimi Simpson) were now on the tracks of Wyatt and the elusive maze, making a total of four characters gravitating towards the enigma under the park. Meanwhile, Ford is quickly and surreptitiously creating a gigantic new narrative that no one knows about, reconstructing a large section of the park for God knows what. Ford makes it clear that he has no intention of stopping the Man in Black on his quest; "Far be it from me to get in the way of a voyage of self discovery."

Wyatt Is The End Of The Game

Perhaps the Man in Black is right after all, there is another level to the game and Wyatt is the final obstacle. No one else knows the game better than he does and it's clear that he has more power than the average guests; park security allow him to do whatever he wants. Like we said before, Ford is on the cusp of rolling out his incredible new narrative and creates the idea of Wyatt around the same time.

Perhaps Ford is signing off on Westworld, cementing his legacy with one last narrative to end all narratives. Wyatt is merely an escape boat, the straw that will break the camel's back once defeated and bring the virtual park to ruin. Maybe the final test Ford has installed, tests the most qualified gamers to see if they can defeat the unholiest evil or succumb to its temptation.


Who or what do you think Wyatt is?


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