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Sometimes superhero origin stories tend to mesh together. Look at a few, and eventually you see more than a few similarities. Sometimes for these characters, a crazy experiment goes wrong or a loved one dies, and sometimes from those strange events they learn that they can do so much more good with their new found abilities and strengths.

Take the popular DC heroes the Flash and Batman. In both comics and the popular TV series, Barry Allen's mother, Nora Allen, was murdered by a mysterious figure when he was a child. Barry's father was arrested and convicted of the crime. Believing that his father is innocent, Barry made it his lifelong goal to prove that point, becoming a forensic scientist to achieve his goal.

That's not so different from the story behind one of DC's slightly more famous heroes, Batman.

The Flash's story, however, is tweaked by a classic comic book twist. Barry's nemesis, the Reverse Flash, was actually the one who murdered Barry's mother, by time travelling to Barry's childhood. These terrible events are what eventually led to Barry becoming the iconic superhero, The Flash.

But what about Batman's origin story? Bruce Wayne was the son of millionaire Thomas Wayne, who owned Wayne Enterprises, and Martha Wayne. After a night out at the theater, the trio took an alley shortcut, where a petty criminal jumped them and shot both Thomas and Martha Wayne dead. These events eventually paved Bruce Wayne's path to becoming the Batman and trying to rid Gotham City of all criminals.

The Parallel Elements In Both Origins

In Barry's origin, the death of his mother led to his father becoming wrongfully convicted of the crime and getting a life imprisonment. That led to Barry's desire to prove his father's innocence by studying and eventually becoming a brilliant forensic scientist where he would eventually be struck by lightening to become the Flash and fight crime to old fashion way.

Bruce Wayne's origin is pretty similar to Barry's. One single man inevitably causes incredible pain for the main hero as a child that leaves him without his parents. These events gradually but eventually led to Bruce Wayne becoming Gotham's hero, Batman.

In both origins, the Flash and Batman's path to becoming a superhero are created because of the evil actions of one single man. For Barry Allen that man was Reverse Flash; for Batman it was petty criminal Joe Chill. But that's not all...

Beyond Parallels: These Stories Are Tied Together

One of the Flash's most popular storylines is Flashpoint, a somewhat recent comic book tale in which Barry finds his mother is still alive, and that he is no longer the Flash. Furthermore, in this story Barry's father died of heart attack years prior; Captain Cold is Central City's greatest hero; Superman and the Justice League don't exist; and there is an all out war raging on Earth between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. It's a whole different world! It's crazy to think that simply changing the timeline in which Nora Allen survives can change so much and create so much carnage.

There's one more drastic change in the Flashpoint timeline: the death of Bruce Wayne.

In Flashpoint, Bruce's parents aren't shot dead by Joe Chill; Bruce himself is killed. This leads Bruce's father, Thomas Wayne, to become Batman while Bruce's mother, Martha Wayne, goes insane and becomes that timeline's Joker. So which big change to the timeline caused so much disaster and war on Earth? Preventing the death of Nora Allen or causing the death of Bruce Wayne? The big reveal at the end of Flashpoint was that Barry himself created the divergent timeline as he attempted to prevent Reverse Flash from killing his mother.

Barry seeing his mom alive for the first time
Barry seeing his mom alive for the first time

Barry himself created the timeline to prevent his mother's murder and therefore caused everything to happen in the timeline which includes the disappearance of the Justice League, the death of Bruce Wayne and the war on Earth between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. But you could also argue that the death of Bruce Wayne was just domino effect of what Barry did to the timeline. When Thomas Wayne became Batman, he most likely gave up his ambitions of making Gotham City great by creating railroads and such and just decided to take out anyone who was infecting the city with crime. You have to remember that Batman in Flashpoint is significantly more violent and cruel than the Batman we all know and love.

That could also be because the Flashpoint version of Batman never got any of the positive influence from Superman or any of the other Justice League members. Who knows, the entire timeline is just a domino effect and each significant event is just falling and knocking over another significant event.

What Can We Expect In The Upcoming Season Of The Flash?

The third season of Flash will tackle the Flashpoint story, at least in brief. Much of what made the comic book story stand out will not be in the TV show. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman don't exist in the TV universe of The Flash, so there might not be any big war or conflict on Earth for Barry to prevent.

However, according to certain news outlets, the Flashpoint storyline will only take up the first few episodes of the third season. This shows that the series understands that they have limited resources to use in order to bring such an iconic story to the small screen.

However, we'll probably still see Barry's internal struggle and desire to want to prevent his mother's murder and save the life of her and his father. There will probably still be some drastic changes to the storyline that will force Barry to have to revert things back to what they were originally, sacrificing the life of his mom and his family.

What do you think, do Flash and Batman have more in common than you originally thought?


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