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Now that we're almost half way through Fargo Season 3, we've come to a point where real, solid discussions can be had about what is going on and what it means for the rest of this season's journey. The very first episode gave us plenty to work with, such as the debate about why Gloria Burgle cannot operate technology of any kind, and exactly what game V.M. Varga is playing, but the biggest head-scratcher of all came with the murder of Ennis Stussy.

What Happened?

Deadbeat parolee Maurice LeFay (Scoot McNairy) is hired by Ray Stussy (Ewan McGregor) to steal a valuable stamp from Ray's brother, Emmit. Ray considers himself entitled to the stamp because as a young man, when their father died, he decided to take the car instead of the stamp collection — and guess which one turned out to be more valuable? But, in a stoned state, Maurice manages to lose the address Ray gave him and, going off memory, mixes up Eden Prairie for Eden Valley, tears out a page from an address book with the name "Stussy" in it, and heads to Ennis Stussy's house instead of Emmit's.

What happens inside the house when he gets there is not known, but when Sheriff Burgle shows up Ennis is dead, sitting in front of an open freezer with his nose and mouth glued shut, and the house appears to have been gone through as if someone were looking for something specific.

So, What's Wrong With This Picture?

[Credit: FX]
[Credit: FX]

But here's what doesn't make sense, Maurice was a fairly harmless creature and really had no reason to kill Ennis, especially not in such a methodical way. Ennis was an old man who couldn't have put up that much of a fight if someone decided to enter his house uninvited, and Maurice was in such a state that he'd be more likely to have knocked Ennis unconscious in fright rather than find glue and hold him down until he was dead.

Additionally, when Maurice shows up all agitated at Nikki Swango's, he isn't even sure that Ennis is dead, saying:

"The fella we robbed is probably dead."

If you'd glued someone's nose and mouth shut and held them down until they stopped moving, you'd be pretty sure they were dead.

If Maurice Didn't Kill Him, Who Did?

Well, here's where it gets a little tricky. Ennis Stussy was actually the fake name of Thaddeus Mobley, a sci-fi writer who found brief fame in LA with his book The Book of WYH, only to be ripped off by producer Howard Zimmerman who claimed he wanted to make the book into a movie. When the lie was revealed, Thaddeus beat Zimmerman so badly he thought he'd killed him, and when he returned to his motel room to collect his things before fleeing, he saw the name Dennis Stussy on the toilet seat, with the "D" almost completely rubbed off, hence his new name, Ennis Stussy.

Howard Zimmerman is still very much alive in 2010, and could potentially be the mind behind the murder. Since the beating, he's lived in a rehabilitation home, has very few visitors, and requires an Electrolarynx in order to speak. He'd have reason to feel vengeful. However, he's also on quite a nihilism kick, so it's unclear if he'd even bother tracking down Ennis/Thaddues to have him killed.

It could be that I'm just reading too much into this and Maurice is really the one responsible for the murder, but it just seems a little too meticulous out for comfort.


Who do you think killed Ennis?

If you want to catch up on all the Easter Eggs from the Season 3 episodes so far, check them all out here: "The Law of Vacant Places," "The Principle of Restricted Choice," "The Law of Non-Contradiction," "The Narrow Escape Problem."

Fargo airs on Wednesday nights at at 10 p.m. on FX. Check out the trailer for the next episode, "The House of Special Purpose":


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