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Dylan Penn just can't resist sinking her teeth into the ultra-babes on team undead!

After a rumored fling with Twilight's last year, Dylan is clearly into the vampiric vibes. She was spotted cosying up to The Vampire Diaries star at her father, 's charity gala on Saturday and insiders have let slip they were looking very close as they left the venue.

A fly on the wall told Perez Hilton that Dylan Penn was protesting about her throbbing feet to McQueen and, in true fairytale form, the heartthrob replied;

Oh Really?

Before whisking the stunning model off her feet and carrying her out to her ride. What a charmer!

Maybe being scorned by a 100 year old vampire had something to do with why Dylan decided to switch sides and hook up with a vampire hunter but, this one seems like a keeper.

A source close to the hunky actor gave an insight into their budding relationship by saying;

They met awhile back, they started dating pretty quickly, lots of attraction there. Dylan is a fun chick, whatever she had with Pattinson was very brief if at all. Steven had met Sean before the event last night. [Sean] loves his daughter, really whatever makes her happy is fine with him

Phew! Double Oscar winner Sean Penn is well known for throwing epic temper tantrums so, McQueen must be clicking his heels together with glee to know that he is in safe territory. Still, I bet he won't be letting his guard down and pissing off the 'Poisonous Penn' any time soon...

Do you think this fling will last? I hope so for McQueen's sake!

Source: Perez Hilton

Images: E Online via Abaca USA/AP Invision and Perez Hilton via Getty Images



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