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Warning: This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke.

American Horror Story created a terrifying new world with its horrifyingly realistic Roanoke season and it has definitely left us hiding behind our cushions, that's for sure. Ever since the fictional documentary My Roanoke Nightmare concluded, the focus shifted to an entirely new reality series as shallow producer started production on Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell.

This time around, the re-enactors from and their real-life counterparts entered the house during the Blood Moon cycle, which probably wasn't a very good idea. With many of the participants already dead, the race is on for survival and we have been told that only one of them will make it out the hellish experience alive. But who will it be?

[via FX]
[via FX]

The latest installment of not only concluded with a shocking return but it also made it pretty obvious which one of the participants will make it out alive — Audrey Tindall. With so much happening, it's likely that you missed all of the hints and the clues which all point towards Audrey surviving. Here's why Sarah Paulson's vivacious character will be the one to walk through those doors and make it out with her life still intact.

Audrey Has Changed The Most Since Return To Roanoke Began

Audrey has changed since she entered that house. [via FX]
Audrey has changed since she entered that house. [via FX]

When we first set eyes on Audrey Tindall it was easy to make the assumption that she was nothing more than a glorified actress who thinks she's better than she actually is. Certain characteristics later backed up this assumption — such as her opinions on Shelby and the fact that she didn't believe the Millers' story. There was always an undertone of her self-professed greatness in everything thing she would say.

However, as the days moved on and she became more and more aware of the reality of her situation — and the loss of her husband, Rory Monahan — the pretentious archetypal tropes have vanished and it seems that the real Audrey has emerged. I wasn't sure how I felt about Audrey at the beginning of Return to Roanoke but now I'm rooting for her — I actually want her to be the survivor. Audrey's character arc — in a mere three episodes — has been excellently handled and "Chapter 8" in particular certainly suggested that she will be the one to make it out alive.

Audrey Has A Great Survivor Story

Audrey has the potential to become an icon. [via FX]
Audrey has the potential to become an icon. [via FX]

Out of all of the participants, Audrey is the only one who has a great survivor story. If she survives this traumatic experience then it's likely that she will become a legend. Audrey will likely be inundated with offers following her rough experience on Return to Roanoke — she's already won a Saturn award for her excellent portrayal of Shelby Miller on My Roanoke Nightmare so her ability has already been well documented. The video message she recorded in "Chapter 8" for her fans gives us hope that she will never need to circulate it — that she will make it out alive. However, the use of it within Return to Roanoke only emphasizes the that she was forced to endure, thus making her a survivor.

Due to the horror of Return to Roanoke, the original show that started it all My Roanoke Nightmare will also likely be sold into syndication and Audrey's performance as Shelby will continue to be praised. Due to her newfound popularity she could end up starring in some primetime television shows or even Hollywood movies. We all know that Hollywood loves the traditional 'sob story' and the fact that Audrey lost her husband to the chaos of Roanoke only adds to her excellent survivor story.

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Although I originally thought Lee would be the survivor, her admission of killing Mason in "Chapter 8" pretty much sealed her fate. If she did happen to make it out alive then she'd be going straight to jail forever which wouldn't be a very satisfying conclusion. Audrey has a lot more to give and for that reason alone the survivor has to be her — she is the underdog that we never cared for at the start and now we're rooting for her more than ever. I wouldn't be surprised if American Horror Story: Roanoke culminates with Audrey winning some sort of prestigious award. Just like Sarah Paulson's real life Emmy win this year, Audrey would certainly deserve recognition for all of her hard work and her perseverance.

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Could Audrey And Lana Winters Be Collaborating On Return To Roanoke Together?

Audrey and Lana have more in common than just Sarah Paulson. [via FX]
Audrey and Lana have more in common than just Sarah Paulson. [via FX]

With the recent announcement that American Horror Story: Asylum character Lana Winters will be appearing in Roanoke — presumably the final chapter — fans have already started theorizing about the beloved character's upcoming appearance and how it will tie into the show. The most likely conclusion is that Lana — who is an acclaimed news reporter —will be the one responsible for bringing Return to Roanoke to television screens. Lana herself suffered an ordeal at the hand of Oliver Thredson at her imprisonment in Briarcliff Asylum back in 1964 and her heroic escape led to her becoming a news icon.

The fact that Sarah Paulson plays both characters is not the only thing the two have in common — both of them have endured unfathomable hardship. If Audrey is indeed the survivor then perhaps Lana will empathize with her for having lived through a traumatic experience and come out the other end.

Moreover, if this is the case then the broadcast version of Return to Roanoke will improve the careers of both women — Lana will be praised for once again bringing the truth to light just like she did with Briarcliff and Audrey will become even more of a celebrity. If both of them are collaborating on this, then both of their careers are set to take off in a big way.

Check out a preview for next week's "Chapter 9":

With only one chapter left of the Return to Roanoke section of American Horror Story: Roanoke, the race for survival is on. Dylan's arrival at the end of the latest episode means that there are now four characters remaining — Audrey, Lee, Monet and Dylan. Although they all stand a chance, "Chapter 8" pretty much confirmed that Audrey has to most to gain from surviving so it's more than likely that she will be the one to make it out alive. Get ready folks, American Horror Story is known for its twists and I think we can guarantee that creator Ryan Murphy hasn't finished surprising us yet.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX. Do you think Audrey will be the one to survive Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell? Tell me in the comment section below.


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