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So I saw Paranormal Activity 4, and apart from the overriding fear of my own XBOX, the biggest thing on my mind was -- who the heck was that Robbie kid?

In case you haven't seen the the movie, consider this fair warning to:


Seriously stop.

Just stop man, you're only hurting yourself.


Right, to business! For those of you who's memory is failing them, allow me to recap some of the more interesting twists and turns the plot of Paranormal Activity 4 provided us.

The Nelson family's blissful existence is interrupted when they're forced to accept a guest into their home. A guest who brought a friend with him. After more than a few bumps in the night, Robbie the creepy kid from across the street is revealed to be in constant contact with the demon from the previous three movies 'Tobi' (though he isn't name checked in this one). Robbie and Tobi have been making life pretty tricky for the Nelsons ever since his mother was mysteriously taken ill.

Throughout the movie we're lead to believe that Robbie is Hunter Rey, the kidnapped baby from Paranormal Activity 2 desired by demon Tobi for purposes unknown. His 'mother' is actually demonically possessed Aunt Katie who murdered her sister and boyfriend in order to acquire the boy. Tobi, Hunter and Katie are attempting to murder protagonist Alex as "A virgin's blood must be spilt" for some rite or some shit. Still with me?

Robbie has been chatting with young Wyatt Nelson, sister of Alex and finally corrupts poor Wyatt to the point where he remembers that his name used to be Hunter Rey. HE is in fact the kidnapped boy, not Robbie, who remember is living with the kidnapper: Evil aunt Katie.

Wait, what?

Hunter it seems at some point after his kidnapping was adopted by a loving family who are tormented and murdered when evil aunt Katie decides it's time for Tobi to take his body. You heard me. His body. Alex needs to die for this to happen.

So all of this fabulously interesting plotting leaves us with the question: If Wyatt was the kidnapped baby Hunter all along... who was this evil child we've been calling Robbie this whole time?

I've been thinking and browsing the internet for a couple of days now and I think I've finally assembled some coherent theories as to who or what he might be... get ready!

Theory #1: Robbie is Tobi

Despite evidence to the contrary (a third bed is made for Tobi at the boy's sleepover, Robbie is seen talking to Tobi) I believe that Tobi could have take on an unstable human form. Similar to how the Smoke Monster on Lost was able to take human form but still cause noise on the other side of the jungle. Robbie is able to talk to appear to talk to Tobi who moves and growls, and yet still appear to be a normal little boy. Evidence that supports this idea is Robbie saying things way beyond his years, things that would even appear old fashioned coming out a modern adult's mouth. He complains when people don't mind their language and is annoyed by a lack of privacy. He also disappears towards the end of the movie, when the horror really starts to ramp up, leaving me to think he was tired of this foolish human stuff and wanted to cause some damage. My final piece of evidence for this is the creepy scene when Wyatt guts up in the middle of the night and we the viewers watch as a small child like visage follows him across the room. If this is Tobi, being picked up by the sensor, he looks a lot like little Robbie.

Theory #2: Katie kidnapped the wrong child

No evidence for this one really but perhaps it could be true? I'm not so sure though. At the end of Paranormal Activity 2 Katie walks away with what she thinks is baby Hunter but instead is holding the wrong baby. Perhaps there was a switch at the hospital? Perhaps the Rey family after their traumatic ordeal in part 2 sensed that trouble was brewing and had Hunter sent away. Perhaps the decoy child is Robbie, indoctrinated into the cult of... whatever it is by Gran and her gang of witches and now hell bent on finding the real Hunter? A stretch I think.

Theory #3: Robbie is a victim

Near the start of the movie Robbie is sent to stay with the Nelson's because his Mother has been rushed to hospital. We never find out when, where or why this happened but we assume (because we are told) that the 'mother' in question is demonic Katie. Perhaps being possessed isn't good for the soul or maybe she needed a little more evil injected into her? Theory 3 suggests that when Robbie's Mom was sent to hospital, that was Katie arriving in the neighborhood. She and her gang of witches then kept Robbie and quickly turned him to the ways of witch as Katie ensconced herself into the house. Robbie was sent over to continue the mission and retrieve Hunter. After probably watching his mother have her spine snapped by a gang of old women, poor Robbie was too damaged to protest. He headed on over to the tree house to begin his mission.

So that's what I think. I'm not quite sure which theory to go for at this point but I'm sure one of them's right. Hopefully my frantic speculation will be put to rest by the next movie, but probably not. Leave me your best theory in written form in the comments, whatever you do don't video tape it. Or this will happen:


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