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Ian Somerhalder set Twitter ablaze with the frantic beating of 1000s of hormonal hearts on Tuesday. The hunky star appealed for a Valentine, but sadly he appears to have had an ulterior motive.

Luckily, The Vampire Diaries star broadcast the status with a good cause in mind. The star appears rocking his signature smirk and a fetching Foundation T-shirt in the post, and he is encouraging all of his fans to dig deep to support his charitable efforts. Bless, he ain't just a pretty face!

Would you want to be smouldering Ian Somerhalder's valentine?

If you are interested in purchasing Somerhalder's swanky designs then you can head on out to the unfortunately named Vanity Project and spread the love!

What would you do to spend a Valentine's Day with Somerhalder?

(Source: Just Jared Jr)

(Images:Just Jared Jr via Twitter and We Heart It)



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