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Karly Rayner

No, you haven't fallen into a timewarp and travelled back to 1994. This is just what the cool kids are wearing these days and, they don't get much cooler (read hotter) than bad gal RiRi.

The flawless oriental blossom was spotted strutting out of Mozza Pizzeria yesterday and her polished pins are the stuff of legend. Like a sultry staircase to silk clad heaven. Mmmmmmmmmmm.


It should be illegal for Rihanna to wear a long jacket when she is sure to be sporting some of the worlds most premier underbutt. I guess she has been spoiling us with her bikini snaps recently so, I won't be too greedy...

Would you guys like to wreak havoc on RiRi's maddening midriff?

(Source: Saw First)


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