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Our long-enduring dreams have come true and we're finally back with Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks. Expectations were high, and expectations were met with the first four episodes of Season 3 giving us exactly the right dose of nuance and nostalgia. Between dreamscapes, disembodied arm-trees, red curtains, and new and old faces, there's a lot to unpack. Note that there will be SPOILERS for Twin Peaks Season 3, Episode 1, below.

The first episode gave us a couple of shocking horror scenes — a woman (Ruth Davenport) was discovered dead with only her severed head peeking out above the bed covers, under which also lay the disconnected body of an unidentified man — but the one that really took the cake took place in a high-security metaphysical laboratory in New York City, where a young couple is murdered while getting frisky by a mysterious entity that enters and breaks out of the glass box in the middle of the room. After the scene, you might have been asking, "What exactly is that creature?" and you're not alone in wondering. Let's see if we can figure out what's going on in one of the most shocking scenes of Episode 1.

What Happened?

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

After discovering that the security guard has left his post, Sam decides it's OK to let his girlfriend, Tracy, into the lab with him. Since staring at a glass box for hours on end is hardly exhilarating, the young couple decide to "make out." One thing leads to another and pretty soon they're naked and going at it. But just when things are getting hot and heavy, Sam looks up at the box and sees it darken. A mysterious, white, humanoid shape appears:

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

The shape becomes increasingly more agitated, even appearing to open its "mouth" hungrily:

"Feed me!" [Credit: CBS]
"Feed me!" [Credit: CBS]

It then bursts through the glass and runs at the couple, proceeding to slice them up with its razor-sharp claws. Yikes.

What Is This Creature And How Did It Get In?

We haven't seen the likes of this hell-beast on Twin Peaks before, but it wouldn't surprise me if it came from within the Black Lodge. The shape appears just as things are, erm, intensifying for the couple, which leads me to think that it was attracted by the goings on, segueing us to the next point:

'Fear And Love Open The Doors'

The New York laboratory is clearly part of an ongoing study on the Black Lodge that is likely connected to Major Briggs's top secret work, elaborated on in The Secret History of Twin Peaks. As one of the leading authorities on the matter, Major Briggs had some ideas on how one could access the two Lodges; upon being discovered after his abduction by Windom Earle in Season 2, Episode 21, the Major reveals that "fear and love open the doors" to the Black and White Lodges. Fear and love, eh? While the couple seemed to be feeling more lust than love, is it possible fear was also in the mix? Or was the creature's entrance more connected to Cooper's escape from the Black Lodge just minutes before?

The Cooper Connection

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

As is to be expected with Lynch and the Black Lodge, time hardly follows in a neatly chronological sequence. At the end of Episode 2 we see Cooper booted out of the Red Corridor by the Arm's enraged doppelgänger — who yells "NON-EXIST-ANT" (make of that what you will) at him before he topples out. He falls through wind and snow until he hits the glass outside the New York box and is absorbed into it. After floating around in the box for a few minutes, with no one but an empty room for company — meanwhile Sam is outside looking for the security guard and letting in Tracy — Coop is sucked back outside. Sam and Tracy then enter the room, and we all know what happens next.

Was Coop's entrance into the box somehow linked with the creature who appeared just minutes later? Here are the possibilities in my eyes:

  • The creature is another physical manifestation of the malevolent doppelArm, which used Coop's exit to maneuver its way out of the Lodge too. I mean, their mouth/no-eyes situations are kind of similar:
[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]
  • The two appearances are not linked at all and the creature was attracted by something that was going on in the room.
  • The creature's appearance had already been planned by someone (or something), as foreshadowed by the disappearance of the security guard. It comes from the Black Lodge, but it's not like anything we've encountered before.
  • It's something related to what Douglas Milford saw in The Secret History of Twin Peaks. The description differs a little from what we see on screen, most notably in the eyes and mouth department. A fan cleverly superimposed the audio from the book on the glass box scene in question:

  • It's Mother, the being mentioned by the American Girl (the woman who turns around and looks at Cooper when he returns to the Purple Room. She is likely not coincidentally played by Phoebe Augustine, the same actress who brought Ronette Pulaski — the girl who witnesses Laura's murder — to life in the OG series), who is banging on the door in Episode 3.

It's important to also remember that David Lynch's idea of cinema is basically that surreal paintings come to life. The situations depicted often arrive from dreams and are abstract representations of connections that take place at a far deeper level than your average fare. That being said, I'd bet a "Donut Disturb" sign that we haven't seen the last of this creeping critter, even if we never get a black and white explanation of what it is — and that's just the way we like it.

What do you guys think? What is this terrifying creature and what made it appear?


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