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Aside from the odd unhappy party, most of the survivors who have ever been involved with Rick Grimes have trusted in his leadership implicitly. However, going into the second half of with the threat of war and after the deaths of so many Alexandrians, it appears like that might change.

As you'll recall, the recently released plot outline for Season 7b hinted that we'll see possible back-stabbing occur over the next eight episodes, with the synopsis promising "we'll see treachery from people we trust." But while some may have put that down to simply wanting to amp up the final eight episodes, one of the show's stars has now confirmed there will definitely be betrayal.

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Lennie James, the actor behind the principled Morgan Jones, recently spoke to NME about the second half of the season and let it slip what we all feared: there will be those who flee to the other side. Jones said:

"On one level, it’s very obvious that we’re getting ready for war, and everyone who knows the comic books knows that we’re about to go into a couple of years of war. I don’t know how long that’s going to pan out in the television series, but it goes on for a while in the comics. So we’re about to go to war, and the second block [of eight episodes] is about meeting the protagonists and certain events that are going to decide what sides people take. And it’s not going to be a clear division of labour, let me say. There are some people who go to the dark side who are going to take you by surprise, and there are some people who are going to come over to the light – and that’s all a matter of perspective."

So, not only will there be those that flee to Negan's side, there will also be those that somehow escape his clutches to align themselves with Rick! So who could these double crossers be? Let's take a look at the hot picks.

Betraying Rick to side with Negan

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Despite Negan having killed many members of nearly all the communities we've been introduced to, that doesn't change the fact that the Saviors offer safety for those who are scared and perhaps even something for those who have perhaps become disenchanted with the status quo. With that said, here's who might betray Rick

Note that Lennie James said "People" implying that more than one person betray both Rick and Negan.


As much as I love Rosita, following the deaths of so many people close to her over the first half of the season (including a death that she was responsible for), I feel she may have broken so completely that she feels like Rick's team offer her nothing anymore. Not to mention that after Olivia's death she's probably concerned that she'll never be accepted back into the community, and may chose to turn elsewhere.

See also:


This would really be no surprise given all we've seen from Gregory to date, but let's be honest if someone's going to drift to the dark side it's going to be this yellow-bellied coward. Gregory obviously just wants safety and is willing to flip flop in any direction to get it. It seems more than likely that Gregory will be one of the people who will drift to Negan.

Gregory and Simon [Credit: AMC]
Gregory and Simon [Credit: AMC]


I have to admit, I'd forgotten all about Heath, but once he was brought to my attention as a character still floating about in the zombiesphere I realized he's a prime candidate for swapping sides. The last time we saw Heath he was telling Tara how he believed the world was now just individuals looking out for individuals, and although Negan's Saviors operate in a group, it's very much still people looking out for themselves in order to thrive. Besides, what a great twist to reveal after so many episodes that Heath is very much alive and well, but now on the other team.


Sure, Eugene is a prisoner at Negan's base, but because he has a key skill that Negan wants, it means he'll probably be treated quite well. With many of his friends now dead and in a seemingly hopeless situation, it's very possible Eugene will quickly return to his cowardly ways and opt to remain with Negan.


Who do you think will betray Rick?

Betraying Negan to side with Rick

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

After being one of the strongest forces to ever stick up against Negan, that has to have made an impact with his men (and women). When it comes down to the crunch, will Negan's troops stay faithful to their terrifying leader and continue to all live as Negan, or will the ditch the group in favor of the Ricktatorship?


Although Dwight puts on a show of being one of Negan's main men, when you actually take a look at their relationship it's clear that D is desperately trying to scramble for redemption after fleeing the compound back in Season 6. Although Dwight has a tenuous position of power, I do wonder if seeing how loyal Daryl was to Rick has made Dwight realize there is an alternative way to live and perhaps even planted the seed to switch sides.

Dwight and Daryl [Credit: AMC]
Dwight and Daryl [Credit: AMC]


Sherry's obviously scared of Negan, though is doing what she can to ensure her survival, even going as far as to become one of Negan's wives. However, her kind words to Daryl indicate that Sherry would rather be anywhere but Negan's compound and would be keen to change to Rick's side if the chance presented itself.

Dr. Emmett Carson

It may not have registered with you when you first watched the episode, but the resident doctor at Negan's base is actually the brother of Dr. Harlan Carson, the Hilltop's resident doctor! While we're yet to learn the hows and whys that led to their different lifestyles, perhaps Dr. Carson will soon realize blood is thicker than water and jump ship. Not to mention how crippling it will be for Negan to lose what seems to be his only doctor.


Who do you think will betray Negan?

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 9 on February 12

Source: NME


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