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Game of Thrones fans have delighted at the revelation that Jim Broadbent's been cast in the penultimate season of the HBO hit show. The news was released last night, that the critically acclaimed and beloved British actor will play a significant role in the next season. What that role is, we don't know yet, but we have a few ideas of our own.

You know the drill, there are more spoilers below than Cersei's had goblets of wine.

Aurane Waters

Readers of the books will know this character as he plays a key role in King's Landing. Waters originally fought for Stannis Baratheon, but after the Battle of the Blackwater is lost, he bows down to King Joffery, who grants him pardon. In his time at King's Landing he is favored by Cersei Lannister and she appoints him Admiral of the King's Fleet, making him part of the Small Counsel. Waters's position and powerful status is key to many of Cersei's plans. Waters is yet to appear in the TV show, but could fit nicely into the plot line now Cersei is running the joint.

Will Jim be bating for Team Cersei?
Will Jim be bating for Team Cersei?

Jim is notoriously good at playing characters who draw people in for their own gain such as Inspector Frank Butterman and Boss Wilder. Couple this with his ability to command the scene using intrigue and charm in order to ensnare the unsuspecting and it's clear he could have exactly the kind of guile needed in King's Landing. We do enjoy seeing Jim play a bad'un and we think the back and forth between Broadbent and Headey would be a joy to behold.

A Relative Of Lyanna Stark

In the last series of Game of Thrones, viewers learned that Jon isn't Ned's son at all. Ned vowed to keep the secret for Jon's mother, Lyanna (Ned's sister) as she lay on her death bed. We haven't had full confirmation of who Jon's biological father really is though. There are rumors circulating that he could be the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, making him Daeneyrs's nephew. The two combined are one of fire and one of ice, this potential storyline is yet to play out, however.

Jon is still under the impression he's Ned's bastard son, so Jim coming in as a member of Jon's family would give him the opportunity to find out about his past. This heritage could give him a title, power and possibly unite him with Daeneyrs to take the seven kingdoms. He might be able to explain what really happened all these years ago and offer Jon his true identity, while he in turn gains a lost family member.

The touching scene above of a young Ned Stark promising to keep a secret for that has possibly created one of the biggest wars their land has seen is incredibly emotional. Bran of course is now fully in the know, but he too shall have to figure out who Jon's father is. Jon is finally coming into his own, status-wise, so it would be great for him to start putting the jigsaw pieces of his somewhat tragic life together.

Marwyn, Arch Maester in Citadel Grand Library

When season six finished the lovely Samwell had ventured away from his awful family with Gilly and baby Sam in tow. He's arrived at the beautiful Citadel Grand Library on his quest to become a Maester for the Night's Watch.

Broadbent could play a key part in Sam's learnings in the library the next season, becoming a mentor and, potentially, the father figure he never had. Broadbent's character could unearth secrets previously unknown to the Night's Watch, allowing them to succeed in their quest of fighting the White Walkers. It is written in the books that he tells the tale of Daeneyrs and her dragons to Sam too.

Fantasy Flight Games
Fantasy Flight Games

Marwyn's appearance in the books describes him having a thick neck, while being short and squat with a ale belly. He also has white hair coming out of his ears and nose as a bonus feature. Jim, with the help of a few prosthetics could assume this role very well. Marwyn's nose has been broken many times during battle and his teeth are permanently stained red. A gruesome image to behold on screen, but we feel Jim as Marwyn would suit perfectly and be very well received.

The Shrouded Lord

A mysterious and legendary character, known also as the Prince of Sorrows, this figure lords over the Mists of Sorrows. Since the final series saw Jorah on his mission to cure himself of greyscale, it could easily make sense for the exile to seek out the Shrouded Lord, who is ruler of the Stone Men, in an attempt to cure himself. We know just how much Jorah loves Daeneyrs and he will stop at nothing to return to her side even if it means venturing into the mists of Sorrows.

There are many tales of who the Shrouded Lord could be. One legend states he was Prince Garin who fatally fought against the Valyrian Freehold, but then rose again from the Underworld. Another myth suggests that he was once a statue, kissed by a grey woman. Finally, stories are told that the Shrouded Lord is replaced when one dies. Could Jorah be on his way to meet the Shrouded Lord, will he be cured or will he take the stone crown next?

We'd love to see Jim made up as the Shrouded Lord, reigning down on the terrifying Stone Men. His age and demeanor would offer a grandiose command to the role, but those soft blue eyes poking out from the rock would give a glimpse into the torture the being trapped within all the empathetic feels.

Those icy blues will melt any heart.
Those icy blues will melt any heart.

Game of Thrones fans are caught in a frenzy of just who Jim will play. Unfortunately, HBO are infuriately good at keep spoilers secret so we'll have to wait until the official debut of the characters in the next season. One thing we can say is that we're looking forward to Broadbent being in the show as his name and legacy carries such stature and expectation. Hopefully he won't be killed off too soon, but then that is the curse of Game of Thrones.


Who do you think Jim Broadbent will play?


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