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SPOILERS for Season 7 of The Walking Dead and the comic books follow.

After last week's incredible Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, we were all left in shock and awe, mostly shock. After witnessing Negan brutally execute two beloved central characters, we were all just relieved that Negan didn't kill anyone else.

Both Abraham and Glenn will be missed, but they're surely not the only ones who'll meet their ends at Negan's hands, in Season 7.

Negan made one thing clear in his brief introduction, and that's how he doesn't want to kill Rick's group; he wants them to work for him. However, considering that Negan just executed two members of Rick's group without even a second thought, it wouldn't come as a surprise to see Negan kill more of them.

The presumption of Negan killing more central characters is unconfirmed right now, but after looking closer at Negan's comic-book counterpart, it's very possible that Negan has his eyes set on causing mayhem and destruction.

There are several Walking Dead characters who could die during Negan's dominion over the survivors communities of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom. These are the candidates who may meet their ends at Negan's hands during Season 7.

Spencer Monroe

Spencer died in the comics as a direct result of trying to wage a coup on Rick. Initially, Spencer went to Negan with his plan and Negan responded by killing Spencer.


In the comics, after Negan kills Glenn and arrives at Alexandria, he continues to berate Rick. If Negan learns of his relationship with Michonne, he could very well use the prospect of killing her as the last step in breaking him — in order to attain complete obedience (assuming there's even a sliver of resistance left in Rick after last week's episode)


In the comics, Dwight actually turns on Negan to help the remaining survivors communities surround and capture him. But Dwight's betrayal of Negan might not work out as it did in the comics. Dwight survived the "All Out War" event, which led to Negan being imprisoned in Alexandria — but there's a possibility that his fate will be altered on The Walking Dead television series to see him die in the war, which would ultimately redeem Dwight for his previous mistakes. Although some (Tara) might not be as forgiving of Dwight, since he killed Denise.


As a captive, Daryl is in a very dire situation. Considering that he is now surrounded by Saviors and walkers, he has a slim chance at making it out of Season 7 alive. If the "All Out War" event from the comics takes place without Daryl in the nearby vicinity on the show, he could remain safe. But knowing Negan, he'll probably have Daryl accompany him whenever he visits Alexandria, just to ensure compliance from the Alexandrians.


Who Do You Think Negan Will Kill Next?

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