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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is creeping closer to release (although I wish it wasn't as far away as November 22nd), and it's stepping up its promotional campaign with some clever viral marketing.

Step in, Capital Couture. A high-end style mag for the classiest denizens of Panem, it showcases this month Johanna Mason (), a veteran District 7 champion set to reenter to take part in the Quarter Quell.

Quick report back on the description: fans of the books will eat this up. The vivid description of Mason in the book comes alive here. And this is not viral marketing done lazily by any stretch of the imagination. Capitol Couture imitates a Vogue or a Harper's Bazaar to perfection.

So, what do we find out about Ms. Mason? She's 'Sly. Savage. Sangfroid.' Her 'agility with an axe resonates throughout Panem'. She disarms her rivals by feigning weakness.

In short, she's no spring chicken, is she?

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Katniss () better watch out...

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