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It's that time of the year — finally — and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is finally upon us. Check out the second trailer for the upcoming sci-fi epic:

We've all had our theories of how these characters will connect to past and future Star Wars films, including the possibility of Jyn being related to Rey — despite actress Felicity Jones' contradictions to the theory — but with the announcement that there will not be a sequel to the first anthology film in the long-running sci-fi series, it begs the question which characters should we fall in love with and which should we prepare to mourn. Let's take a look at the characters and see if we can determine who will live and who will perish.

The (Likely) Survivors

Jyn Erso — Felicity Jones

Let's be real, here, it'd be very unwise of Disney — and very unlike them — to kill off their lead heroine during a time in which they've made a big move towards focusing on strong female characters. Additionally, she seems like such an intelligent fighter that it appears highly likely she will come out of this fight alive, even if it doesn't result in a win for the Rebellion.

Cassian Andor — Diego Luna

This character could go either way, but this is another hero who seems as though he will live to fight another day after the Rogue One story. To be a Rebel Intelligence Officer, it can be assumed one must have a fair amount of intelligence and strength in combat, and though the Rebels might not win this battle, Andor is more than likely to continue the fight later down the road.

Baze Malbus — Wen Jiang

Though it may be an unfair characterization at the moment, Malbus appears to be a very reckless and carefree assassin in the trailers, and though that typically can get a character killed, I think it will actually be his saving grace. His explosive fighting skills combined with his assassin intellect should not only help him survive Rogue One, but also help him keep some of his team members alive.

Bail Organa — Jimmy Smits

This is one of a few on the surviving list that is kind of cheating to include, but it is worth mentioning that the co-founding member of the Rebel Alliance will live on after Rogue One, only to die in the sequel, A New Hope (see what I did there?), during the destruction of the planet of Alderaan.

Mon Mothma — Genevieve O'Reilly

Again, yes, cheating, but she appears to play a significant role in the upcoming chapter of the sci-fi franchise, which would automatically feel like a risk to her safety. However, she will survive the Empire's gaining ground and go on to be the Chancellor of the New Republic following the events of Episode VI.

Darth Vader — James Earl Jones

The last character with easily the highest chance of survival on this list is the legendary villain, Darth Vader. Why, might you ask, will Darth Vader survive this film? It's certainly not because the Emperor kills him long after these events. It's not quite because he has yet to blow up Leia's home planet in front of her face. No, it's because Rogue One is before he utters those four infamous words: "I am your father."

The (Probable) Deaths

Chirrut Imwe — Donnie Yen

This prediction makes me very sad, as Imwe looks to be one of the most badass characters in the Star Wars universe yet. However, as wise and tactical of a warrior he seems to be, there's just something about his calm and rugged demeanor that points towards his chances of survival being minimal.

Orson Krennic — Ben Mendelsohn

Now this might be because he looks like one of the more sinister villains in the Empire without Force powers and that makes me frustrated, but I honestly don't believe Director Krennic will make it past this anthology film. If the Rebels are somehow able to prevent this Death Star from completion, or slow its construction down, chances are Lord Vader will not take a liking to this, and we've seen what happens when members of his Empire disappointed him.

Saw Gerrera — Forest Whitaker

Based on promotional stills and trailers, there seems to be more than one time frames happening in Rogue One, as there are photos/clips of Gerrera with a shaved head as well as with his semi-afro as depicted above. But no matter how often he appears in the time frames, one thing seems fairly certain: The fact he will most likely be put to pasture during the anthology film.

Having survived the infamous Clone Wars as a leader of the Onderon rebels, Gerrera is a seasoned veteran in fighting against evil empires. But having lost his sister during the wars, Gerrera has nothing to lose in fighting against the Empire, and he may use that feeling to get him killed while the Rebels attempt to retrieve the Death Star plans.

K-2SO — Alan Tudyk

Though droids on the side of the protagonists typically have no problems avoiding real injury, something tells me that will not be the case with K-2SO. It will probably be as lovable as past Disney/Star Wars droids, such as Baymax and BB-8, but the fact it was previously an Imperial enforcer before Ando wiped its memory makes me believe something may happen to regain his memory or his original objectives to wipe out the Rebels, which would give the Rebels cause to put him down.

Bodhi Rook — Riz Ahmed

As much as I love Ahmed and think he has great things ahead of him in his career, I can't say that I see the same for his Rogue One role, which will most likely result in his death. Having been described as "volatile" and "hot-headed" in promotional materials, these traits might help him do some heroic deeds, but also get him killed in the process.

Galen Erso — Mads Mikkelsen

If you think that a parent in the Star Wars universe is going to survive, then you clearly have not seen any of the movies in the franchise. Not only do distant parents have a hard time reconnecting with their children in the film series, but when said parent works for the Empire and is the one who leaks the information of the Death Star construction, you can bet their chances of survival are very slim.

Who do you think will survive Rogue One? Are there any characters you'd like to see in future Star Wars endeavors? Let us know in the comments below!


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