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It’s always an emotional thing to listen to the great directors talk about their favorite films and revel in the mastery of their own idols.

Now, after a row of critically derailed movies, it's debateable if is one of today's great directors. So, let's just pretend the last, say, four films didn't happen and we're still just talking the director of The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable (feel free to add/detract the Shyamalan films you still liked/didn't like).

Still, Shyamalan sat down with DGA Quarterly, to discuss one of his favorite films: 's bittersweet coming-of-age tale The Last Picture Show.

It's a rather unexpected choice, considering that the filmmaker has nearly exclusively worked within the mystery-thriller and sci-fi genre. Shyamalan addresses this perceived discrepancy, yet sees things a bit differently, apparently:

I want to make tonal movies [like this], where plot is almost obscene. [...] In fact, I think I get in trouble because my movies are presented as plot driven vehicles, so I'm perceived more for that characteristic when in reality my tastes are more here, more like Kubrick and [Antonioni's] Blow-Up.

Head over to the Quarterly article for more, including Shyamalan's snickering self-revelation that he actually stole from The Last Picture Show for Signs. It's quite a lengthy piece with lots of good stuff for the film buff.

If Shymalan's love for The Last Picture Show made you wonder what its director is doing now, check out our movie page for his newest, great sounding (yet lacklusterly titled) project, She's Funny That Way.

's next film is the Will and -starrer After Earth, of course. The sci-fi film will be released on June 7th.


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