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After a summer of anticipation, we are finally two episodes in to the new season of (now on The CW after its move from CBS) and have witnessed the performance of Tyler Hoechlin as the new Man of Steel for the television network's corner of the DCEU (the better corner if you were to ask just about anyone).

The Internet has been buzzing over the positive feedback of Hoechlin's performance and, as expected, all eyes are now to the CW about bringing Superman back for his own series in the already impressive superhero lineup.

Just in case you've been living in a cave and have just received the miracle of wi-fi, Tyler Hoechlin (of Teen Wolf) just wrapped his scheduled two-episode appearance as Superman/Clark Kent on the sophomore season of the show that stars his Kryptonian cousin (played my Melissa Benoist).

I'll admit, I had some hesitation about Hoechlin going into the series and I wasn't even overly impressed after the first episode. He was good, and he did some Superman-ish stuff, but was he really Superman? Of course, I have very high expectations when it comes to the Man of Steel — and I'm sorry to say for anyone else who has played him — but nobody will ever be better than Christopher Reeve. That's just the way it is. Dean Cain was fun, Brandon Routh was very good and Henry Cavill has done the best he can with what he was given to work with, but Christopher Reeve is — and will forever be — my Superman.

That said, the second episode of the season helped me come around a little bit more. The performance was stronger, more driven, and he did more stuff reminiscent of the iconic character.

My opinions are simply just my opinions, though. Everyone else is in love with the new Kryptonian TV star and are now clawing at the gates for another superhero show to join the list, already consisting of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and, of course, Supergirl. But does it really seem likely that the CW will want to do a new Superman series?

Here's Why Superman Isn't Likely To Hit The Airwaves (Anytime Soon)

1. The CW has said that they are not going to do any more superhero shows for a while.

After the renewal of Legends of Tomorrow and the acquisition of Supergirl from CBS, the total count of DC superhero based TV shows climbed to four. All airing on different nights, the weekly lineup of DC superheroes already heavily dominates the network's schedule.

Soon after the announcement that Supergirl would be joining the lineup, it was stated that the network would be halting any additional hero-based shows for the time being.

2. There's already a Superman-based TV show in the works.

Not only is it only four years since Smallville — the last Superman-based series from the CW — came to an end after 10 years of broadcast, but SyFy is currently developing a pilot for a series based on the hero's home planet from writer/producer David S. Goyer (who had previously worked on Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, NBC's Constantine and the Blade trilogy). The series is taking after Fox's Gotham as being set in the fictional world before its demise and subsequent rise of the iconic hero.

3. Prominent Superman characters have already appeared on Supergirl.

Mehcad Brooks's Jimmy Olsen is obvious, but throughout the course of the first season and these first few episodes of Season 2, we've seen a version of Bizarro (in the form of Supergirl), Toy Man and Metallo (played recently by Frederick Schmidt). Mon-El has recently been introduced (played by Chris Wood) and Floriana Lima is set to debut as Maggie Sawyer. So with all of these Superman characters already on Supergirl, what is there for the Man of Tomorrow to face and why?

(Obviously I know there's plenty for him to do and fight, but the point stands to reason. It would just be more of the same without some of his heavy hitters.)

4. What would it mean for Supergirl?

It's no secret that the Girl of Steel has had a rough go at it. Ratings for the first season were lackluster and had progressively fallen. The only bright spot was when the show crossed over with The Flash, the chemistry between Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin was undeniable and it helped in the decision for the CW to pick up the struggling heroine for its roster.

But what would happen if the network picked up another series starring the Man of Steel? Obviously he would be the larger attraction and is (let's be honest) the main reason for the positive ratings for these first two episodes of Supergirl's new season. A Superman show would completely overshadow the other series and not likely be well for its future.

Is There Still Hope For Superman On The CW?

Of course there is. Obviously he could still appear in future episodes of Supergirl — ratings grabs for sweeps, mid-season and season finales, premiers — that sort of thing — but let's not rule out another intriguing possibility...

Tyler Hoechlin Could Become A Regular On Legends Of Tomorrow!

Sure, it's been said that despite the massive four-episode crossover we have approaching the Supergirl universe will not actually be merging with the Flarrowverse. And, honestly, that would be a huge mistake and one that — hopefully after the inevitable success of the crossover — the producers and network will see.

If the universes were to merge, then Tyler Hoechlin could totally fly in (ba-dum-sha) and help save the day, the future, and the past on the network's time-traveling superhero mashup. I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't want to see Tyler Hoechlin's Man of Steel team up with one-time fellow Man of Steel, Brandon Routh, and perhaps the Legion of Superheroes for a centuries-spanning epic brawl. Now THAT would be a season worth watching.

So what do you think?

Is a Superman series on the CW likely?

Sound off in the comments below and don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@ThisIsJamesT) for all things rant and ravey.


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