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The Arrowverse is massive and sprawling, spreading across four shows on The CW. Even now there's hardly enough airtime for all the characters, with many having been written off, fallen by the wayside or simply going unused. There's time travel, multiple earths, deep space, and it's a lot to fit in, with only one or two crossovers between the characters occurring each year.

As such, in the future we're going to need an elegant solution — such as a new spinoff featuring all the characters in a team like the Justice League. Is this possible? Not only is it possible, it'd mark an amazing continuation when the current shows come to a close, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Keeps The Universe Expanding

[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

The is guaranteed to do one thing every year, and that's get bigger. This year we finally got Supergirl, Arrow and the Flash all standing in the same frame, and as their world becomes more interconnected, it will become easier for The CW to produce ambitious stories involving all of these heroes.

Next we're getting Black Lightning as a whole new entrant, even if it isn't directly connected with the other four shows — at least, not for its first season. Eventually there'll be no more space left to connect a new show on the family tree, so the existing characters can comprise a fresh -style series, with a greater scope for different characters and only slightly less screen time than with the previous Arrowverse shows.

2. Gives The Arrow Characters A Home

Arrow is one of my all-time favorite TV shows, but even I must admit it can't last forever. Six seasons is a lot for any superhero series, and with the flashbacks now over, Oliver Queen perhaps pondering a life with Felicity, and becoming a single parent if William's mother did die on the island Lian Yu on the Season 5 finale, Mayor Queen may eventually have to consider hanging up his hood for good.

I'm not saying that the show should end after Season 6, but there is probably no more than three or four seasons left in the series. When it does end, some of those characters will need their stories to continue and so will need another place to appear. For that reason, a Justice League show would be the perfect platform for the continuing saga.

3. Could Be Used For The Big Comic Book Stories

Using the "Invasion!" story from the comics and having the Dominators as the Big Bad this year made for a compelling crossover, but if there were a big Justice League show, then that would be the perfect place for even bigger villains. Some baddies are just too big to appear on The Flash or Arrow, but you've got to have a place to put them that will do them justice as season-long bad guys.

Imagine having or Sinestro show up and take on all of the heroes at once. It could be an incredibly detailed and lengthy story arc, but not one that could be pulled off on any of the current shows.

4. Or An Anthology

The likes of Roy Harper and Thea Queen, who have been phased out of Arrow, could feasibly join the Justice League as part of a roster that could make guest appearances without it feeling forced. That was always the point of the huge JL roster in , that characters could change from issue to issue, with everyone given their chance to shine. Sure, the likes of Flash and appeared consistently, but that's the great thing about having so many characters and why a Justice League series could work as an anthology.

5. It Would Just Be So Good!

The team-up episodes between Supergirl and are just adorable, and all of the character interactions in those crossover episodes are so much fun. A Justice League show would be a never-ending revolving door of random pair-ups. Imagine Hawkgirl with Supergirl, or Flash with Atom, or the new Black Canary meeting Sara Lance! There are so many epic opportunities, it'd be a real shame if the Arrowverse never evolved into this.

Is the Arrowverse better off being left at that when the individual shows finally come to an end? Or is a team-up master series the best continuation of the TV universe for years to come? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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