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Thanks to the captivating performance by Hollywood’s new “it” woman, Harley Quinn’s cult following has grown a lot larger. Margot Robbie’s ability to bring Harleen Quinzel to life in DC’s helped to propel the film to $756m blockbuster. It wasn’t long after that rumors circulated about a possible Harley Quinn spin-off. Why not? Harley Quinn is sexy, funny, smart, crazy, and totally unpredictable. Plus, she has that unhealthy, over-the-top, torturous romance (some of us have been in something similar) with one ’s most notorious villains — ’s arch nemesis — .

Off the bat, Margot Robbie signed on to co-produce the solo flick, and rumors soon followed regarding possible plots and what characters may join her. Of course Joker’s name came up, especially with how Suicide Squad left us with a void and a desire to see more Joker. Could a movie tell a Bonnie and Clyde-type love story? Or, would Harley Quinn team up with her friend and/or lover Poison Ivy in a ploy to disrupt the Joker’s plans as payback for vile mistreatment of his former lover? While both of those would undoubtedly make for a great movie, its quite likely that Harley Quinn’s solo movie might actually be a Birds of Prey film. But, Harley Quinn isn’t exactly the face of the heroine group.

Christina Hodson (Shut In) signed on to pen the script for the Birds of Prey film. The young writer will be tasked with presenting the group accurately and with her own vision while also keeping very much in the picture. The former psychiatrist turned homicidal hammer-wielding lunatic we all love is an absolute draw for DC so it’s easy to see why she’d be the focal point of the spin-off film. However, when it comes to the it’s Oracle, not Harley Quinn, who should be featured as the main component of the female-empowering heroine movie.

Barbara Gordon Is A Hero For Millennials

I’m not talking in terms of the negative stigma attached to those of us who were born between 1980–2000. No, I mean her origin and character makeup along with her smarts and technological prowess. In the day an age where we are striving to empower women, and hackers are featured in heroic fashion on TV (no so much in real life) in shows such as: , , Scandal, The Blacklist, Person of Interest, CSI Cyber and of course , Barbara is the quintessential hero for the millennials. If you aren’t an avid comic reader, chances are you may not be very familiar with the greatness of Barbara Gordon. Like so many children today, her [adoptive] father Commissioner Jim Gordon, raised Barbara in a single-parent home.

Barbara didn’t really get into the crime fighting business until later in her life. Unlike ’s other sidekicks Barbara unexpectedly joined the Batfamily. There are a couple of origins out there, but the best depiction of her highlights her intelligence and athletic prowess. Barbara Gordon not only kicked ass as a martial arts beast, but she was also a genius. Being raised by the police commissioner in the mean streets of that’s protected by a crime fighter in a bat suit can be inspirational. So, Barbara aspired to be like her two heroes. Thanks to her obsession with the police investigation of , she caught the eye of the Dark Knight. While snooping around the police station Barbara accidentally gets mixed in a dangerous situation, but she comes out the victor and The Caped Crusader takes notice.

Barbara proved that a woman could stand toe-to-toe alongside one of comic’s most adored dynamic duo. Now a trio, she was fighting crime and cleaning up the city of . She’d also show that her fighting skills pale in comparison to her computer skills. wasn’t Barbara’s only passion, she had aspirations that led her to becoming a prominent political figure, at one point being elected to the US House of Representatives (depending on which version of her story you read). While I love Harley Quinn as much as the next person, she’s not exactly the best role model. Barbara Gordon, on the other hand, embodies what it is to persevere through debilitating circumstances, literally.

Oracle Is More Than a Heroine, She's An Inspiration

DC comics never shied away from exploiting some very real and dark situations, especially with Batman — more specifically in the Killing Joke comic. After escaping from Arkham Asylum, Joker made it his mission to drive Jim Gordon insane. During an unassuming night, Barbara Gordon would find herself staring down the barrel of a gun after answering a knock on the door. The Clown Prince of Crime would shoot Barbara, leaving her paralyzed from the waste down and sexually assault her in a pool of blood.

Barbara would, of course, be forced to give up the mantle of Batgirl. Anyone who’s has ever felt like they’ve lost it all can relate to the emptiness and helplessness she must have felt. Barbara’s obsession with the Joker steered her down a dark path — at one point she even asked that Dick Grayson () kill him. Her battle with depression made her new life difficult. Fortunately, with the help of loved ones she was able to battle through it. The hero formerly known as did not allow herself to stay a victim. She decided he could still make a difference, so she honed her exceptional computer skills and became DC’s greatest hacker, adopting the name Oracle.

As she once again teamed with and earned the title of the “most powerful information broker in the world.” Oracle even trained to kick ass from a wheelchair, learning to wield batons. Her hacking skills came into play when she was able to clear Batman’s name. Along the way she helped other heroes, becoming an essential staple in the DCU even becoming a member of the Justice League.

There Are No Birds Of Prey Without The Oracle

Barbara, as , had proven her worth ten times over, but she wasn’t done. Oracle would go on to hire heroes (females only) to go on missions for her. Oracle was proof that Barbara Gordon was to be admired and revered. However, her first recruit, Black Canary, didn’t see things that way. Barbara hired Black Canary without disclosing who she was, so initially they bumped heads. After Oracle revealed her identity the two became the best of friends. The second member, Huntress, was hired to rescue Black Canary and thus the trio — and original Birds of Prey — was formed. The group would expand and gain popularity, further cementing Barbara’s legacy as one of the driving forces behind the DCU.

If the Birds of Prey story arc is what Margot Robbie and writer Christina Hodson pursue, then Harley Quinn will have to share that space with Barbara Gordon. Based on quite a few reports, it does appear that Margot Robbie isn’t just focusing on Harley Quinn. In fact, back in May THR reported:

Though nothing is set in stone, and this Suicide Squad spin-off is clearly still in its early stages, I hope to see the Birds, especially Barbara Gordon and her inclusion into the DCEU. I'm hopeful that the brains behind the Harley Quinn spin-off has the foresight to accentuate Barbara Gordon’s significance in the DCU.

Thanks to the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad, we now have more Harley and Joker — check it out below:

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