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Ever since Maggie Sawyer became a character in The CW's , rumors have been flying that her former flame of a certain superhero from the comics would make an appearance on the show. That would be none other than Kate Kane, also known as Batwoman!

She is currently enjoying a new surge in popularity swinging through the pages of Detective Comics and she's about to fly solo once again with her own comic series later this month.

Kate Kane has brought a welcome level of intensity and prestige to the comic world as one of DC's flagship superheroes. Her gripping stories would make for excellent and her adventures would fit in perfectly as a part of the CW's DC TV universe alongside , , , and .

Here are 5 reasons why Batwoman should be the next TV series added to the .

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A Story Of Strength

Although many incarnations of Batwoman exist, the modern version was introduced in 2006. Kate has a tragic story, but it helped mold the strong heroine she becomes. When she was young, she witnessed her twin sister and mother get murdered in front of her eyes. From that day on, Kate discovered her purpose: to protect others from the monsters of the world and ensure that innocent civilians would never deal with the pain she experienced.

She honored that purpose by following her father's footsteps in joining the military. But before she could fulfill her duty as a soldier, she was expelled under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." After that, nothing in Kate's life seemed to be going as planned, causing her to lose direction. But after an inspiring encounter with , she realized that she could become a soldier on her own terms as Batwoman.

'Detective Comics #949' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Detective Comics #949' [Credit: DC Comics]

Batwoman's story has had a profound impact on many fans. She proves that hardship is what really makes us stronger in the end and that powerful tale could be a moving experience to watch on TV.

Batman Exists In The Arrowverse

There have been several Batman Easter Eggs in the Arrowverse so far. In the episode, "The Darkest Place," Kara shares an interesting story:

"My cousin worked with a vigilante once. Tons of gadgets, lots of demons."

This is the strongest allusion we've had of Batman in the Arrowverse so far. It sparked hope for fans that we might see the character down the line. But implementing a character like him could overshadow other established characters. So why not introduce another important hero like Batwoman instead? These hints of the Dark Knight's presence have left a clear path for Kate to make her live-action TV debut.

'Detective Comics #934' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Detective Comics #934' [Credit: DC Comics]

If She Appears On Supergirl, It Would Be The Perfect Way To Introduce A Spin-Off Show

Since Kate has a connection to Maggie Sawyer in comics mythos, Supergirl would be the best show in which to introduce her. Plus, Batwoman has more than enough adventures in the comics to serve as a strong foundation for a TV series of her own while still tying into some of the fan-favorite aspects of the Batman universe.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

There are many theories floating around about how Batwoman could appear in Supergirl.

It would be wonderful for the adorable couple, Alex and Maggie, to casually run into Kate from time to time, or Batwoman could mysteriously show up during a DEO mission and use her badass fighting techniques to take out villains on her own.

Better yet, Batwoman could be the focus of an entire episode, giving insight into who she is and what she meant to Maggie. Also, who wouldn't want to see Alex, Maggie and Batwoman team-up to defeat evil aliens?

The Arrowverse Can Continue To Excel With Queer Female Representation

In and , Sara Lance is openly bisexual, making her the first character to be explicitly shown as queer in a comic book show or movie. Alex's relatable coming out story on Supergirl has been widely praised as well. Her journey of self-discovery has inspired many fans to have hope, become stronger and realize the importance of acceptance.

Batwoman is the highest profile gay superhero in comics. Not only is she a fictional icon, but she is also a symbol of empowerment and bravery who is tied to one biggest superheroes out there today: Batman. Furthermore, Kate is proud to be queer and doesn't hide who she is. Bringing such a courageous story to television could communicate a beautiful message: Never be afraid to be yourself.

'Secret Origins #3' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Secret Origins #3' [Credit: DC Comics]

Fans Love Characters From Gotham City

Many of us are wondering if the Arrowverse will ever take us on a trip to Gotham. If Batwoman is introduced, I couldn't imagine a better way to do so. The city's dark landscape and mystery is always a pleasure to view. Since its existence, this location has become indispensable to the DC Universe. The creation of Kate Kane and her presence in Gotham gave the city another incredible piece of history and it could be explored in a fresh way if Batwoman is brought to TV.

While we haven't received a live-action version of Batwoman yet, check out footage of her below from the animated epic, Batman: Bad Blood.

Do you want to see Batwoman get her own series in the Arrowverse? Let us hear your voice in the comments below!


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