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In celebration of Suicide Squad's Oscar win, director David Ayer decided to tease fans on Twitter with potential information on his next venture, Gotham City Sirens. We have yet to receive casting information for team members, and Catwoman, but now, we might have a cryptic clue as to who the big bad will be.

Yes, that is none other than Roman Sionis, otherwise known as Black Mask.

Looking back at the character's stories, especially those in which he interacts with Selina Kyle and the Sirens, Black Mask might just be the perfect villain for the future movie.

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Who Is Black Mask?

Introduced in 1985's Batman #386, Roman Sionis' origin is both tragic and intense. Instantly after his birth, he was dropped on his head by a doctor. His wealthy parents devoted more time to pleasing socialites instead of raising and caring for their son. Growing up, he abhorred them and epitomized their duplicitous actions as "masks."

Roman's father owned Janus Cosmetics, which he later became the vice president of at 21 years old. Enraged at his parents for making him break off a relationship, he caused a fire in his family mansion that killed both his mother and father. After they died he was able to inherit their estate and take full control of the company. However, he was a horrible businessman, and was forced to resign after accepting bail from Wayne Enterprises.

In fury, he rushed to the crypt where his father was buried and was immediately struck by lightning. He saw this as an omen to be reborn, and began to carve a mask from the smashed remains of his father's casket.

'Batman #386' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Batman #386' [Credit: DC Comics]

As Gotham's new crime emperor, Black Mask recruited members for an organization, the False Face Society. Together, they set out for revenge on both Bruce Wayne, and essentially, anyone in their path.

In one story, he fell face-first into a fire that he created and was rescued by Batman and Robin. His mask singed into his face, causing him to receive a permanent black mask.

His Gruesome Past With Catwoman

Black Mask was a central villain in many arcs of 's third solo series that began in 2002. His first appearance in this title was in Catwoman #9, but it wasn't until Issue #16 when he and Selina had their first interaction. In this story, he tortured her sister and close friend, Holly Robinson, to get revenge for the $28 million in diamonds stolen from him.

'Catwoman #16' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Catwoman #16' [Credit: DC Comics]

Black Mask returned quite often in this series with a routine appetite for vengeance on Selina and those close to her. But as always, she fiercely fought back and even ended up killing him in Issue #52.

As clearly displayed in the Catwoman stories, Black Mask is a villain who cuts deep. Infusing this nature into the live-action Gotham City Sirens could bring a unique darkness that only this character possesses.

'Catwoman #52' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Catwoman #52' [Credit: DC Comics]

A Face-Off With The Sirens

During the Blackest Night crossover event, Black Mask made a comeback as a reincarnated Black Lantern in Catwoman #83. Selina called in her teammates, and Poison Ivy, to help save her sister Maggie from the revived villain. Ivy used her plant manipulating powers to defeat him, proving that the Sirens are the wrong team to mess with.

'Catwoman #83' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Catwoman #83' [Credit: DC Comics]

This comic is an essential read for a Sirens enthusiast, and recreating it in the DCEU would be tremendous. Though short in length, this story showcased the unbreakable bond that the girls share, which is a core component of what makes the team so special. It's no secret that they will always risk their lives for each other, come what may.

If it takes a villain like Black Mask to help their film's audience take notice, then I'm all for having him as the main adversary of Gotham City Sirens.


Do you want Black Mask to be the big bad of Gotham City Sirens?


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