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The end of Brangelina has broken all of our hearts because they were always the Hollywood golden couple in our eyes. From the outside, Brad and Ange had everything including stunning good looks, incredible talent, a gorgeous family and real humanitarian interests. We all looked up to them for proving that true love really does exist.

Since the news broke and We've had time to reflect on their experiences together, it seems that although their love may have been strong, fate, conflicting schedules and the pressures of Hollywood became all too much for them to weather. Let's examine all the evidence that suggest their love, like that of Romeo and Juliet, may have been doomed from the off.

1. A Bumpy Beginning Under The Cloud Of Team Jen

Which were you? Team Jen or Team Ange?
Which were you? Team Jen or Team Ange?

In 2005, when Brad Pitt was cast opposite Angelina Jolie in the movie Mrs and Mrs Smith, rumors were circulating of Jen and Brad's imminent separation. Hollywood loved the sunny coupling of the Friends star and the blonde babe, so when it became apparent that Brad had left Jennifer and began dating Angelina all hell broke loose.

A campaign of hatred was launched at Jolie for being a 'husband stealer.' Furthermore, watching the sexy spy movie only showed us just how good the chemistry between Ange and Brad was and soon the world was divided into two camps. Team Jen and Team Ange.

Starting a new relationship is difficult at the best of times, but to do it under watchful eye of the world as they continue to hate on you because of unproven allegations is near impossible. All of this must have made the first years very challenging for the new couple. Watch this clip from Mr and Mrs Smith below as it's wonderfully relevant and suggests that maybe they predicted their tragic fate all along:

2. Brangelina Was Born And The Press Were On Them Like Crack

Brad and Ange 2007 Golden Globes
Brad and Ange 2007 Golden Globes

Once the world calmed down and realized Brad was never getting back together with Jen, we embraced Brangelina as the mega couple of Hollywood. In fact, they became everything young couples aspired to be, and from what we could see from press images, they were very much in love. Consequently, the paparazzi were relentless in their coverage of the couple because we always wanted more, we yearned to know the ins and outs and all manner of details about their relationship. Everything they did was placed under scrutiny, from 'body language' experts discussing what their postures meant to horoscope readers claiming they are able to predict their futures.

I imagine the pressures of constantly being in the spotlight made things extremely tough for Brangelina, a love like theirs isn't meant to be studied or observed like fish in a tank. As a result, the overexposure definitely had a lot to play in the demise of this loving couple.

3. Opposites May Attract, But They Don't Stay Together

On paper, blonde heartthrob Brad and complicated Angelina didn't make a convincing pair because of the differences in their personalities. Ange has a complicated past and was surrounded by media scandals growing up, including the wedding outfit she wore to marry her first husband, Jonny Lee Miller, which was very controversial. Much to everyone's surprise, Angelina's wedding outfit consisted black leather pants with a white shirt that had "I love Jonny" written on it — in blood. Gross.

The weirdness didn't stop there either, because Angelina made a very public display of affection for her brother, James, at the Oscars in 2000 which left audiences stunned. In addition to this, Jolie wore a vial of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck, back when they were married. We get it! She's dedicated to them, but did she have to make it so creepy?

There have also been reports that Angelina is too hot to handle, with men who have dated her saying that she's unpredictable and difficult to be around. Ange may arguably not be the ideal wife after all. Along with her demeanor being challenged she has also had drug and alcohol addiction allegations thrown at her. In comparison to Brad's squeaky clean image, due to his strict upbringing, it makes it difficult to understand just how the two worked out so well.

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4. The Jolie- Pitts

Raising children in Hollywood is no walk in the park, especially when you have so many. Brad and Ange would have had to find time to raise their brood while working, along with trying to spend quality time together. We doubt there are enough hours in the day to achieve this. Furthermore, there was a huge fascination placed on the 'adopt a baby from abroad' trend that played out amongst the couple and other celebrities, such as Madonna. There must come a point when everyone around you is questioning your decisions that you begin to question them yourself which can only breed doubt.

Their choice of adoption has received a lot of criticism which is bizarre, especially when all you see are pictures of them together as a loving and caring family unit. Nevertheless, their family repeatedly came under scrutiny placing even more pressure on their relationship, therefore it stands to reason that the family as a whole felt under unnecessary stress.

5. Conflicting Schedules: All Work And No Play Makes Marriage Very Hard

Due to the fact Angelina and Brad are Hollywood megastars they are constantly in demand, so it stands to reason that having full-time careers must have put strain on their marriage, especially when their schedules meant they didn't see each other for months on end.

In the twelve years of Brangelina, Brad has made 22 movies and Angelina has starred in 14 films. Their entire relationship has been spent separated on movie sets. In addition to filming in their homeland, their careers have taken them to Asia, Australia and Europe, meaning that for long periods of time they were not not only separated by oceans, but by time zones too. Even with the technologies such as Skype it's very difficult to talk to someone when they are asleep.

The only time the two were able to work together was ten years after they made Mr And Mrs Smith, when they starred together in By The Sea, a movie directed by Angelina herself. The trailer for which you can see below:

Besides this movie, the two were rarely together for more than a couple of weeks throughout their whole relationship, because if they weren't filming they were working on promotional tours and television appearances. Such is the life of a movie star. In addition to this, you can factor in all the time Angelina spends on her aid work which once again takes her out of the country and away from Brad.

Their hectic schedule meant that during the peak of both of their careers there would have been very little downtime. No wonder communication fell apart as the two tried to maintain a solid relationship but were constantly apart. It's a miracle they managed to make it work for so long.

Brangelina Didn't Stand A Chance

Looking back at everything the two have had thrown at them, I'm amazed they were happy for as long as they were. Their love was very much real and it was destroyed by Hollywood's gruelling demands, our savage interest in their private life and constant hounding by the press. This is why we can't have nice things.

Who knows, were they a regular couple they may well have been happier than we could imagine. In Hollywood it seems there can be no happy endings off screen.

Were the couple doomed from the beginning?


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