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If you're a Bridget Jones fan, then I'm sure you're aware that the third installment of the trilogy — Bridget Jones's Baby — is coming to theaters on September 16th.

Since Bridget was brought to our lives via the big screen in 2001, we've been a bit of a journey with her. We've seen her drink, fail at cooking (did someone say blue soup?), fall for Daniel Cleaver, fall for Mark Darcy, get cheated on by Cleaver, begin a relationship with Darcy, run through the snow in her underwear, get arrested abroad, and drink some more (who could blame her after all of that?).

's Bridget Jones is immensely popular. But why is this? Is it because she's funny? Is it because she represents the average singleton so accurately? Or is it because whether you admit it or not, there's a Bridget Jones within us all? Here's 10 reasons why resonates with women of all ages:

10. Solo Karaoke

Whether you're in your teens, twenties, thirties and so on, when your parents/significant other/housemate leaves the house, it's a good enough reason for karaoke to commence. I guarantee you you'll find a catchy song, turn it up, and sing it at the top of your lungs. It's just standard procedure being home alone, right?

Does this remind you of anything? Oh yes, the infamous opening credits of Bridget Jones' Diary with Bridget singing her heart out to "All By Myself." Genius.

9. Dreaded Family Occasions

At some point or another, you'll receive an invitation to a family event that you really don't want to attend. Maybe it's because you want to avoid questions about your supposed love life? Maybe it's because you want to avoid a specific family member? Maybe it's because you didn't get the memo about the change of dress code?

For Bridget, it's all of the above.

8. Wearing 'Granny Knickers'

I guarantee you at least every girl has at least one pair of "granny knickers" in their underwear drawer. We'd all like to wear sexy underwear, but sometimes, like in Bridget's case, a dress requires those pants that will offer you that extra support.

For us girls they're essential.

7. Your Parents Calling At A Really Bad Time

We've all been busy doing something like cooking dinner, watching a film, or having a deep conversation with a friend when our parents call. But for Bridget, her mother couldn't have called at a worse time with Daniel Cleaver in her bed. And let's not forget the rather embarrassing line she answered the phone with:

6. Making A Fool Out Of Yourself

Everyone makes a fool out of themselves from time to time. Whether it's tripping up, saying the wrong thing, or a drunken mistake. Unfortunately for Bridget, it was exposing her buttocks live on air. Awkward.

5. Your Family Commenting On Your Love Life (Or Lack Of)

When you reach a certain age, family gatherings turn into twenty-one questions about your love life, or lack of. For Bridget, a thirty-something-singleton, not only did she get this from family gatherings, but also her busybody mom with those harsh one-liners.

4. Trying To Look Nice And It Not Quite Going To Plan

Have an occasion or event to go to? Great. Let's spend a few hours getting ready, picking an outfit, changing said outfit a dozen times, undoing and redoing hair, and a great deal of time doing your makeup, only to have it ruined the second you leave the house.

More often than not you'll find the rain causes your hair to frizz (yes, that's aimed at you Brits) or in the case of Bridget she ended up going bright red and it was Mark Darcy that had to break it to her. Oh dear.

3. Turning To Alcohol

Hard day at work? Or generally just a hard day at life? Don't worry, there's always comfort at the bottom of a bottle. Something that Bridget knows all too well, especially with that diary of hers:

2. Attempting To Go To The Gym And Hating It

So after days, weeks, maybe even months of plucking up the courage you finally go to the gym and it completely backfires on you. Maybe you're like Bridget and fall of off the exercise bike, or even the treadmill. Ouch. That's bound to hurt.

I guess you won't be doing that again.

1. And After All Of This, Deciding You're Better Off Being Anti-Social

So you've tried, you've really tried to be just a normal human being and do normal things. But it's all had an adverse effect.

So what now? Bridget knows only too well: your own company, a duvet, and some ice cream. It's what every girl needs!

With entering theaters very soon, I'm sure that over 10 years later we can expect all of these traits from Bridget and more, which is why she's so identifiable to the average women. Because we've all had those days where our hair or makeup is ruined the minute we step outside, or we have to pluck up the will power to go to an awfully boring or dreaded family event, or even withdrawing into ourselves with duvet, junk food, and trashy television after a long, difficult day.

But what do we know about the upcoming film? I mean we all know about Renee Zellweger's new face, the vital information of Bridget is expecting a baby, and that Colin Firth with reprise his role as the trusty Mark Darcy. But what else is there?

Rotten Tomatoes has given the film a satisfactory 88 percent, but will it meet our expectations? Will it excel Bridget Jones's Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason? I guess we'll have to wait until its release to cast a judgement for ourselves!

Check out the trailer for the upcoming Bridget Jones's Baby below:

Will you be going to see Bridget Jones's Baby in theaters?

What's your favorite Bridget moment?


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