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With a supervillain alter ego name like Carnage, Cletus Kasady is one guy you really want and yet really don't want to show up in a wholesome, family-friendly, feel-good movie like is set to be. Ahem.

Following on from the epic news that Tom Hardy will star as our favorite symbiote in the soon (but not soon enough) to be released Venom solo movie, it raises a few questions. “How ripped is going to be?” is probably at the top of the list, but the one question I'm asking is: Who the hell is going to be in the movie alongside him?

If Sony and pull a fast one and make Venom the good guy, a.k.a. Flash Thompson (Eddie Brock could just be a smokescreen), a.k.a. Agent Venom, then who will the villain be? Or, on the flip side, if Venom is bad, which good guy will show up?

If Carnage does end up appearing in Venom, unless wants to follow in Logan's footsteps and give us an R-rated movie, here are five fucked-up things Carnage pulled in the comics that would make him one helluva match for Hardy.

(But in all honesty, this level of crazy probably shouldn't happen in any movie, let along the .)

1. Carnage's First Two Victims

Gunther Stein was Cletus Kasady first victim after he escaped from prison and was reborn as Carnage — if that's what you could call Carnage's creation. One of the prison guards, however, was the first to officially meet Carnage, when the new Big Bad on the block pulled the guard through the prison bars before managing his maniacal escape. Now a free alien/man, Carnage found his first victim at random, choosing Gunther's name from the phone book.

Amazing Spider-Man [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Amazing Spider-Man [Credit: Marvel Comics]

While Spider-Man was busy with his villain of the week Cardiac, Carnage hunted down Stein and suffocating him with his own gooey alien stuff. But not before letting Gunny know that he died purely because of his own bad luck — and also because Carnage thought his name was dumb.

2. Nobody Throws The Baby Out The Window

Except for Carnage, that is. isn't the only villain to chuck a human baby around like a doll, as he did in Blade: Trinity (you know you saw that movie). Just two issues of Amazing Spider-Man later, after killing Gunther, Carnage is fighting Venom and Spider-Man in an apartment, which ticks off the tenant living below them. And she has a baby.

Carnage being Carnage, he snatches the baby and chucks the little lad out the window. Of course Venom and Spider-Man save the kid, but damn, wouldn't that cause a few Cardiac arrests? I'm sorry.

3. Maximum Carnage

As if the carnage that Carnage created by himself wasn't enough, there was a comic book arc that involved the villain creating a gang with a murderous streak wider than the Amazon River. Not only would this death and destruction be over the top for the Venom movie, but there's no way movie execs would greenlight putting that many villains in one movie, especially after the SNAFU of Suicide Squad. Unless it's a movie, then shoot, they'll throw in as many as they want.

4. Just Fake It

After Venom successfully took the symbiote back from Carnage and reabsorbed it, Kasady become just plain old psychotic Cletus again. Of course, the dude was still mad, so after escaping custody, he painted himself red and faked still having his powers in an attempt to take down Spider-Man.

Peter Parker: Spider-Man [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Peter Parker: Spider-Man [Credit: Marvel Comics]

You can imagine how well that went down. If Carnage appears in Venom, the latter taking the former's powers away is one way Venom could defeat Carnage, but it's doubtful studio execs would allow Cletus to strip down, paint himself from top to toe, and go on a killing spree.

5. He Kills Fifi

If there is any sort of Carnage backstory, young Cletus Kasady taking an electric drill to his mom's beloved dog Fifi could happen, but perhaps not. However, during his chat sessions with his shrink, Kasady does admit to trying to murder his own mom, getting his dad to murder his mom, and also fatally pushing his own grandmother down the stairs. What a charmer.

Venom is set for cinematic release on October 5, 2018. Who else wants Carnage to show up in Venom? Let us known in the comment below.


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