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Whether it's the recent Kong: Skull Island or the upcoming , blockbusters centered around giant monsters rampaging through a city are often derided for lacking humanity.

The opposite is a movie that doesn't give audiences what they were looking for (i.e. giant monster fights), which is why some people disliked the Godzilla reboot that focused more on the human characters.

The new Kajiu movie, , seems to exist to solve this imbalance by taking the best of both styles of giant monster movies. This time around, the human protagonist is not only the center of the story, but the Kaiju itself.

A Monster Called Gloria

[Credit: NEON]
[Credit: NEON]

Directed by Nacho Vigalondo, Colossal tells the rise and fall of Gloria () after she loses everything, from her job down to her boyfriend. Out of luck and without a clue about what to do with her life, Gloria gets herself drunk to escape her problems. But every time she blacks out, she somehow controls a massive monster that wrecks havoc in Seoul, Korea.

It's up to Gloria and her friends to solve the mystery behind her strange connection the Kaiju before things spiral out of control.

Watch the trailer for Colossal below.

Colossal is set for an April 7, 2017 release, but it was already screened in film festivals such as Sundance 2017 where it received acclaim. Praise was given to Colossal for its unique take on an established genre, especially in the many fresh directions it takes when dealing with common character tropes and stereotypes.

Read some of the glowing reviews critics gave the latest entry into the Kaiju movie genre below:

Nick Allen,

'Colossal' is one of those movies with the amount of creativity that some directors never produce in their whole lives. Fans of seeing films that are like never before should seek it out.

Adam Chitwood, Collider

You’ve never really seen a movie like 'Colossal.' It’s an alcoholism drama. It’s a dark comedy. It’s a kaiju movie. It’s all of these things in one, and thanks to a particularly fine-tuned script and a tremendous balance of tone from Vigalondo as a director, it succeeds far more than it fails.

Josephine Livingstone, The New Republic

Through a hyper-formal tale of inversion and genre-based surprises, 'Colossal' returns its heroine to herself. Genres and archetypes can be dangerously misleading, Vigalondo seems to say. It is better to be a city-stomping monster and to know oneself than to be walked all over in a sad old story.

April Wolfe, April Weekly

I want to take a moment to apologize to Anne Hathaway... I have not felt this kind of catharsis while watching a film in a long time... For any and all who’ve discredited her — including myself — Hathaway gives a Godzilla-sized middle finger to the haters in 'Colossal.'

[Credit: NEON]
[Credit: NEON]

On the flip side, some were not that impressed with the movie about Anne Hathaway's turn as an alcoholic, giant monster. Though they appreciated the movie's originality, they still felt that something was lacking in Colossal.

Read some of the more somber reviews for Colossal below.

Melissa Anderson, The Village Voice

Engaging ideas bubble up every so often in 'Colossal,' a film that carries out magical thinking to its extreme. But the audacity of its conceit is inexorably tamed, becoming an all-too-familiar lesson on saying no.

Dennis Harvey, Variety

Paying homage to classic Japanese tokusatsu cinema, this material is fun; it’s on the human-scaled plane that “Colossal” fails to realize its full potential, finally coming off as slick stretch of a joke that needn’t have played quite so thinly.

Despite some tempered reviews, Colossal currently holds a 76% on Rotten Tomatoes, and has been deemed "Certified Fresh."

Gigantic Drinking Problems

[Credit: NEON]
[Credit: NEON]

Colossal has yet to open, but its sheer novelty and absurdity is enough to attract curious viewers who want to know how Gloria will beat a Kaiju through some self-reflection and alcohol rehab.

In a time when even King Kong and Godzilla will get to share a cinematic universe in the vein of movies, a monster movie that has a clear balance between the human drama and the monstrous chaos is a welcome breath of fresh air.


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