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For all those comics fans out there, some great news recently dropped about their Emerald Knight, . The biggest announcement was that Warner Brothers has tapped David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes to write the film. Many of you might be familiar with Goyer, who has a long history with comic-related movies, including Man of Steel (which wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone says it is). Rhodes is a relative new comer and only has a few films under his belt. Joining them will be Geoff Johns as an executive producer, which is incredibly fortuitous because he is the golden boy at DC and someone who has always done right by comic fans (arguably one of the best comic book writers working today).

There are a lot of Green Lanterns [Credit: DC Comics]
There are a lot of Green Lanterns [Credit: DC Comics]

While all this sounds great, the best news is that Warner Brothers stated that the film will be “Lethal Weapon in space.” This essentially means we’re getting a buddy “cop” movie and implies that there will be more than one Green Lantern. Those that know the comics have probably guessed that we’re most likely to see and (not the guy from The Daily Show).

So why should we be excited about this?

Shift In Tone For DCU?

The DC cinematic universe has gotten a lot of flack for being too dark and serious in its most recent films. However, anyone that knows the Lethal Weapon franchise knows that a cornerstone of it was the comedy and charisma between Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. While there’s no promise that Green Lantern will be an action comedy, Warner Brothers specifically referencing this film has left me with the belief that it will be a lighter film than we’ve seen so far. Now, I haven’t had a problem with the movies being dark, but this might be something that brings many a lost fan back into the fold.

Two Heroes For The Price Of One

There are a lot of Green Lanterns in the DC universe. In fact, the Green Lantern Corps is essentially an intergalactic peacekeeping organization that has divided the universe in sectors and has a Green Lantern for each of them (Earth is in sector 2814 just for reference). Now, Earth has had many Green Lanterns over the years, but the most well known are Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

Hal Jordan [Credit: DC Comics]
Hal Jordan [Credit: DC Comics]

Hal Jordan was an Air Force pilot known for his skills and bravery. He was a test pilot before becoming one of the most beloved Green Lanterns of all time. More recent incarnations have portrayed him as a charismatic charmer with a bit of wild card streak, but when the chips are down he is always there to put his life on the line for the cause of justice.

John Stewart [Credit: DC Comics]
John Stewart [Credit: DC Comics]

John Stewart was a former Marine and is best known for his discipline and unwavering determination and will. He’s famed in his own right for being a Green Lantern that has saved the planet (and the universe) plenty of times. Unlike Jordan, he’s much more serious and is much more of a soldier in his respect for rules, authority and doing the right thing no matter how hard it might be.

Both are incredibly popular heroes among fans, however, there are a few other Green Lanterns that could be featured, including: Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. In the DC Universe though, Hal and John stand as the two definitive Green Lanterns.

DC Is Actually Interested In Diversity

Marvel’s been making movies for a long time now, and so far it’s been a very white male-dominated cinematic universe. Sure, we’ve gotten War Machine, Falcon and more recently, Black Panther entering the fray, but is that enough considering how many movies they’ve made so far?

DC is only three movies in so far and Suicide Squad has already featured a black male lead (Will Smith), an asian female (Karen Fukuhara), a latino male (Jay Hernandez) and a black woman (Viola Davis). Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje was also in the film as Killer Croc, though he was hidden under tons of makeup. Now, they have another black hero, Cyborg, on deck to appear in Justice League, before getting his own feature film by 2020. The studio has even gone so far as to recast traditionally white heroes as people of color, such as the casting of Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

They’re already giving Marvel a run for their money when it comes to diversity, but with Green Lantern Corps featuring two heroes, they’re already set to pull ahead. The only way they could slide back is if they used Kyle Rayner or Guy Gardner as the co-hero. John Stewart (black), Simon Baz (middle eastern), and Jessica Cruz (latina) would continue to add to a diverse cast of characters that proves not all heroes are white guys.

Two other options for Green Lantern [Credit: DC Comics]
Two other options for Green Lantern [Credit: DC Comics]

We Can Forget All About The Last Green Lantern

Just like , I’m sure we all want to pretend the last Green Lantern movie never happened. I won’t go on a rant about everything that was wrong with, it but trust me, there was a lot.

Even Ryan admits it was bad. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Even Ryan admits it was bad. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Now, Warner Brothers is attempting the right that wrong with a new film to usher the heroes into the extended universe and hopefully see them alongside their heroic peers in the new future. Green Lantern is an important character when it comes to DC comics, so there will be a lot of pressure to get things right. However, DC has shown that they are willing to respond to the desires of their fans without caving to the vocal outcry of comic geeks whose intolerance would give the rest of us a bad name.

Personally, I’m excited about everything I’ve heard so far. Even though there’s a lot that remains unknown, I think there is good cause to be optimistic (but that’s just me).

What do you think? Let me know how you feel about the new Green Lantern Corps movie announcements in the comments below.


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