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Netflix's is set to star as the evil Count Olaf. He started out as a child actor, staring in films such as Clara's Heart and Purple People Eater. Since then, he has grown and gone from strength to strength in his acting career. Here's why Count Olaf is going to be his next huge hit.

Count Olaf is an evil master manipulator, but he's also a comedic character and was played by Jim Carey in the 2004 adaptation. Neil Patrick Harris has played several comedic roles in the past, making him a great fit. His most notable work is his portrayal of Barney Stinson in . He was probably the most loved character on that show because he was so funny. He's also starred in A Million Ways To Die In The West, a comedy/western, and The Best And The Brightest, so we know he's definitely capable of bringing the comedy to his roles.

We see Harris's funny side as the lovable Barney in How I Met Your Mother, but we also see his serious side in . So we know he can do both, and that's what this character is — he's dramatic, but in a funny way. Thankfully, we've already had our first glimpse of what Harris will look like with Netflix's trailer for A Series Of Unfortunate Events:

Harris brings a theatrical essence to the role of Count Olaf, and his facial expressions are unforgettable. It's easy to transform him into the character using prosthetics and makeup, but that's just a mask. The character can only be brought to life by the person behind the mask and that's what Harris has achieved in this trailer. He has a diverse range of expressions that he uses to portray this sinister character.

At the end of the 2004 adaptation, we see Count Olaf in a play, and the character clearly loves theater. He's always acting and pretending to be people he's not. Harris can be very theatrical himself (just take a look at his Tony Award performance), making him the perfect Count Olaf.

Fans certainly seem to love Harris ever since they fell in love with his HIMYM character Barney. Here's what some excited fans are saying:

It's no secret that this is a highly anticipated show. There are thousands of fans out there and everybody is excited to see adapted into a TV show. We keep getting glimpses of what's coming, including the different characters that Count Olaf will be playing. The transformations Neil Patrick Harris has undergone have been incredible and made him unrecognizable.

The beauty of this role is that Harris can play many different characters. Not only will Harris be playing Count Olaf, he will be playing other people as well. Count Olaf disguises himself as other characters to try and trick the children. Neil Patrick Harris himself said:

"What's fun about it is, being an actor, I get to play a new character in each book or in each two episodes of the show. What's doubly fun about it is that I'm actually playing Olaf playing a character, which has been a bit confusing mentally, if I'm being honest."

This isn't just a challenging role for Harris, it's also a confusing one to get his head around. However, it's something that he's taken in his stride and done with passion, like everything Harris does. Without a doubt, he will shine and be the main attraction of the show.


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