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Marlin Needed More Of A Mentor

OK, so we all know that mentors are only mentors if they eventually send you off on your own; they prepare you for the real world and then let you experience it. But I think they usually have more than seven minutes of total screen time. In , Crush the sea turtle serves as Marlin's mentor on his hero's journey, but he isn't involved as much as some other famous mentors in hero's journeys.

We all know Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope because he spends almost half of the movie by Luke Skywalker's side. With , I had to look up his name just to make sure I didn't mix it up with Squirt, the little sea turtle in the film.

So Why Did Crush's Time Get Cut Short?

I think part of it was just how the original film was plotted, because the ride that Marlin and Dory take on the E.A.C. is supposed to be like an airplane flight or a ride on the expressway. It just so happened that Crush was traveling in the E.A.C. with his bale. (Or the California current in )

What I want to know though, is why Crush couldn't have been introduced earlier in the story as a guide, then had the original scene in the E.A.C. later? He easily could have been the one to tell Marlin and Dory about the E.A.C. and then lead them to it, which would have increased his screen time drastically. This also would have gotten rid of the rude school of fish that were making fun of Marlin before they gave Dory and him directions:

I know that Marlin is controlling and paranoid, but I have always thought that those fish were a little harsh to him with their impression. Though some may have found it funny, I think that Crush could have easily brought in the humor that this scene attempted to bring, but in a much less offensive way.

Now, I may have taken more offense to this than some because I too can be controlling and paranoid like Marlin, but it's not always a bad thing. There is a time and place to be serious, Marlin just thinks that this time is all of the time.

Turn Up For Turtles

Even though I would add more screen time for Crush into Finding Nemo, I am grateful for the time that we do see him. He gives Marlin some of the best advice in a short seven minutes by just being himself. I especially like when Squirt is flung out of the current and Marlin starts to freak out, but Crush doesn't blink an eye — all he says is: "Whoa, kill the motor, dude. Let us see what Squirt does flying solo." Sure enough, Squirt bursts back through the wall of the current and is totally psyched at how cool his accidental adventure was. Crush then congratulates him, because he is obviously the coolest sea turtle dad out there.

'Finding Nemo' [Credit: Disney/Pixar]
'Finding Nemo' [Credit: Disney/Pixar]

7 Lessons Learned From Crush In His 7 Minutes

Big or small, Crush taught a few things to more than just Marlin; here are a few of my favorites (in order of importance):

  • Chill Out
  • Celebrate the little things
  • Reward your children
  • Be yourself
  • Using nicknames can make people feel special
  • Sometimes you have to go with the flow
  • Squirt is the world's youngest skydiving instructor
'Finding Nemo' [Credit: Disney/Pixar]
'Finding Nemo' [Credit: Disney/Pixar]

What did you think of Crush's appearance in Finding Dory?


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