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If you're one of those lucky millions of dads that were blessed with one, two, three or more pink little bundles of joy, there's no doubt that — after a few years — you know every single Disney song by heart. You can even give your kids a run for their money!

So, chances are, when the trailer for the Beauty and the Beast live-action remake dropped this week, all you daddies and your princesses out there dropped everything to watch it:

Admit it, you sang that last line in your head, complete with Angela Lansbury's voice.

It's really something else, isn't it? How a big, burly man (or a not so big, not so burly guy like yours truly) can do such girly things.

What drives us to such madness? Why do we belt out "I Can Show You The World" with our wives and kids going 80mph down the interstate? There are quite a few possible answers to those questions.

Is it because...

We want to be like Mufasa?

Well, minus the whole trampled to the death by the herd of wildebeests thing, Mufasa is a pretty good . He was cool, he had great advice, and he ruled an entire...huge plot of land. He was there for Simba, in life and in death, and would have whipped the crap out of his brother, had he not underestimated how evil Scar really was.

And now, with a live-action coming sooner or later (hopefully sooner), moms and dads of princesses and princes alike have a reason to rejoice even more!


Are we just a bunch of overgrown kids?

This one has to be at least partially true for most of us. If some of you dads out there reading this aren't TOO old, we grew up watching some of the movies our kids love today with our moms and dads: Snow White (1938), Bambi (1942) and Cinderella (1950), for those really old dads out there...wink. But The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast...those are all made within the last 30 years, so even young dads out there were already familiar with plenty of Disney movies.

All the live-action remakes that have come out, or are coming out — Cinderella, Mulan, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, and many more — take us back to our childhoods, and that inner child in all of us tends to get a little excited every time another remake is announced. Let's face it: Disney, so far, has nailed pretty much all of the live-action versions of their old animations.

Or maybe Disney brings our protective sides out, because...

There are hardly any parents in Disney movies

This one might bruise your feels a bit. One thing that's common in many Disney movies is the lack of parents. Mostly moms — but sometimes, both parents are either dead or just not around. Here are a few notables:

'Toy Story'

Andy's mom is in all of the movies, but there's not a single mention of his dad. Jon “Mr. Pixar Theory” Negroni goes into it in morbid detail, but throughout all of the movies, we never see or hear about Andy's dad. And that makes dads sad, and makes us want to be there for our girls, which means watching with them a thousand times, if we have to.

'Bambi' and 'The Lion King'

The mother dies in one, and the father in the other, so the mothers and fathers of today were taught some pretty valuable lessons while watching these as children. Adult themes in Disney movies is one of the reasons why many of us can sit through them 10,000 times.

'Beauty and the Beast'

Belle's mom is a no-show in the movie, having recently passed away before the the story begins. Belle's father, Maurice, is all the family she has, something all the single parents out there can relate to.

Or could it just be, plainly and simply...

Dads will do anything for their little girls

Whether it's dressing up, or watching Ariel give up her voice for the 10 millionth time, our princesses truly have us wrapped around their little fingers. We'll watch the trailer for the countless times, and when it comes out, we'll gladly take our kids to the theater, with or without mom, to enjoy the singing, the talking cups, and to boo at Gaston, because we love that movie so so so so much!

And our kids. We love them too.

Sound off in the comments about your "Disney Dad" stories, or read more about the beauty and her beast!


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