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It's fair to say that did a great job as director for La La Land, and we can't wait to see what he will do next. According to IMDb, he has two upcoming projects as a director. The first being a Neil Armstrong biopic titled First Man, starring Ryan Gosling as the titular astronaut. The other upcoming film is yet to be revealed, and all we can do is speculate. As is recreating most of their classics, I would love it if he were to take on a live-action adaptation of Disney's The Little Mermaid from 1989. Here are my reasons for why Chazelle would be a great choice to take on that project.

'La La Land' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]
'La La Land' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]

1. The Colors

One of the most impressing aspects of La La Land is Chazelle's use of color — from the bright costumes of the opening number to the beautiful sunsets of LA. He recently stated in an interview with Jimmy Fallon that he wanted to shoot in location that seemed fake, but were real. By doing this, he really captured a magical atmosphere for his version of Los Angeles, and it would be amazing if he brought the same magic to .

A great introduction to this world. 'La La Land' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]
A great introduction to this world. 'La La Land' [Credit: Summit Entertainment]

If you have seen the incredible opening number of , you know that Chazelle's direction of color and choreography turned out amazing. Imagine the talent behind this scene re-creating "Under the Sea." The number includes a potential for a lot of color, from bright colorful fishes to illuminating corals. I would love to see how Chazelle's mind imagines life under water. If you don't remember the scene, I'll link it below, but be prepared to get it stuck on your mind for the rest of the day. It's dangerously catchy!

2. The Music

With Whiplash and La La Land under his belt, it's fair to say that Damien Chazelle has a passion for music, and he is great at making movies where it plays a large role. La La Land contains lots of great musical numbers, all of which are unique in their own way. From "Someone in the Crowd" to the planetarium scene, the dance numbers and musical styles are vastly different, all of which are beautifully choreographed and directed. The original The Little Mermaid movie also contains lots of great musical numbers — from "Part of Your World" to "Poor Unfortunate Souls" — and Chazelle seems like the perfect fit to transfer these songs into live-action.

3. The Romance

In addition to being an amazing movie and musical, La La Land also told a great love story. The chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling was amazing to watch, and if Chazelle could bring the same tension to Eric and Ariel's fairytale, the end result would be incredible. The scene from La La Land that takes place in the planetarium was enough for the audience to buy their love. Chazelle is great at bringing emotion to the screen, and if he directed a version of "Kiss the Girl," it would both look and feel amazing.

Why isn't this a real thing? 'The Little Mermaid' [Credit: Disney / Buena Vistas]
Why isn't this a real thing? 'The Little Mermaid' [Credit: Disney / Buena Vistas]

All these aspects made a huge impact on La La Land, and if he brought the same passion and style into The Little Mermaid, the end result would be amazing. Chazelle obviously has a passion for musicals, and this project is a perfect fit for him as a director. If he were to take it on, it would be like a dream came true.

Besides, Chazelle already has experience with a singing redhead!

Edit: Here's a video I found of him singing "Under the Sea", so it's clear that he likes the movie.

Who do you think would be the best choice to direct The Little Mermaid?


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