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Though Man of Steel is a breakout hit, the road to a Justice League Part One ensemble franchise is far from certain. The wildly profitable Nolanverse “Batman” trilogy cannot and will not be connected to the continuity launched by , and , depriving the League of its most bankable hero to date. Further, what to do about the other Leaguers?

Green Lantern was a disappointment, and there have been no feature films for Wonder Woman, The Flash (Movie), Aquaman, Martian Manhunter or even Cyborg for that matter. On the other hand, Green Arrow is experiencing popularity on the small screen, though that series is similarly disconnected from the Snyderverse.

Conventional wisdom says you need to build a cinematic foundation around the core Leaguers, like Marvel did with the Avengers. Batman and Supes are covered, leaving Wonder Woman as the obvious choice. She is literally the third pillar of the Justice League Trinity.

Movie execs are reportedly skittish about a female action lead, but it’s worth noting that Wonder Woman had a four-year television run with the iconic (cast her as Hippolyta NOW). Additionally, the DC animated feature for the character outperformed both Green Lantern forays, parts 1 & 2 of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 as well as Justice League: Doom and New Frontier indicating receptiveness to Wonder Woman in all her battle-ready, sword-wielding glory.

If comic books are source material, and only vaguely since canon is disregarded all the time, it makes sense to leverage the rich animated legacy of DC’s roster and bring some of those beloved stories to live action. What are some of your favorite episodes and story arcs that you think would be amplified by a transfer to live action?


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