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Just weeks after stepping down from directing , Tim Miller has signed on to produce the movie that Sony has started work on. After coming off of such an EXTREMELY R-rated project, you would think that would be somewhat hesitant to hire him for this more kid friendly project.

Actually, the amazing way that Tim Miller handled Deadpool is probably proof that he should have been brought on to handle this film. is a character known for his bad reputation when he was slated to get his own feature film.

Coming off of his abysmal live-action showcase in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the character needed redemption, and came along and provided that. Deadpool could not afford to have his image tarnished any further and it needed Miller's direction to keep it true to what made the character so beloved in the first place.

Keeping a character true to its roots is something that can make or break a film, and in this case it made the film an amazing spectacle. It is something that not a lot of filmmakers seem to do now. They want to take a character and create their own image out of it, instead of creating something even better out of the image that the character has already built.

This isn't just in movies though. It happens VERY often in video games as well, and I think there is no better example than Sonic The Hedgehog. He is an icon in the gaming world, but has fallen far from grace, with a string of terrible to mediocre games. Do you know what many fans blame these flawed games on?

Sony and Sonic Team have been accused of not staying true to the original vision of Sonic as a character and constantly trying to turn him into something he's not. Whether it is trying to make him more gritty, shifting his gameplay away from what made the games great, or — dare I say it — having him fall in love with a human woman in Sonic The Hedgehog (2006).

My point is: Sonic is suffering from the same thing that afflicted Deadpool when he was getting his own movie. Tim Miller took on that pressure of getting it right and was able to keep it true to its roots while also making it his own. With Sonic, it can be done the same way.

It's not just Tim Miller's ability to keep this film true to the character, but how he handles such a character. Some may not see the similarities between both Sonic and Deadpool, but they're there.

While Sonic's didn't speak in his first appearance in a game, he would jump off the screen and kill the player if they were away from the controller too long. In all his recent games, he chooses to joke with his enemies and constantly rips his arch nemesis Dr. Eggman, much like Deadpool does with Ajax all through the film.

Deadpool has a much filthier mouth on him, but the sarcastic tone and attitude is a trademark of our blue friend as well. Sonic has attitude emitting from his pores, and that is what Tim Miller is going to have fun with in this film. He brought out the best in Deadpool's personality and will be able to do it with Sonic too.

Sonic The Hedgehog will get everything it needs from Tim Miller to be successful because Miller knows how to make an audience fall in love with a arrogant and sarcastic character who doesn't take situations seriously.

Sony has made a lot of mistakes, but hiring Tim Miller was a very smart decision. While he will not be directing, he will obviously have a strong say in the outcome of this film. After his triumph with Deadpool, there is no doubt that Miller will command respect with the story.

Remember that time Sonic was brought back to life with a kiss?

What do you guys think? Are you excited for the Sonic The Hedgehog movie now that Tim Miller is on board? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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