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Why is it that when does PR for Maleficent and says lots of nice, vague things about the production, it sounds like empty platitudes, but when does the same for Snowpiercer, she sounds like she's desperately passionate about this project? It's possiby a testimony to Tilda's fantastic acting skillz or (more likely) just because Snowpiercer sounds really incredible and if you've been lucky enough to be cast in it, all you can do is tell everyone how a-m-a-z-i-n-g it is. I know I would.

Either way, Tilda, you've sold this movie to me, babe. Check out these three featurettes below:

Ultra short featurette #1 (with ), in which he opens up about losing weight to look the part...


Ultra short featurette #2 (with heavenly Tilda Swinton)


Ultra short featurette #3 (, minus English subtitles - sorry!)


Snowpiercer is based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige and is set in the future, where, following a failed experiment to stop global warming, there's a new ice age and the only survivors live in Snowpiercer, a giant train crossing the world in which the working class are imprisoned in the back of the train, while the well-to-do live in luxury at the front. As the class system evolves, the poor become mutinous...

So yeah, the concept's a bit Elysium. But even better, 'cause it's got Tilda in funny specs doing a Northern English accent.

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