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Sophie Atkinson

What the duck? Professional pretty person and normal-looking-person-by-Hollywood-standards(ie. still quite pretty) are almost unrecognizable in these new stills from Bennett Miller's Foxcatcher.

Foxcatcher is a true story about some Olympic Wrestling Champion Brothers Mark Schultz () and Dave Schlultz (Ruffalo) and how their relationship with the eccentric John Du Pont (Carell), heir to the Du Pont fortune leads to murder. Which sounds awesomewickedcool. I dunno about you guys, but if I have to watch another lame underdog-eventually-succeeds sports flick I'll gouge my eyes out with a fork. Sports murdery movies sound far more my scene.

Further thoughts:

(a) Is that a prosthetic beak on Carell? What's your dealio, Hollyweird? Conspiracy theory: Hollywood has shares in the plastic nose industry. You heard it here first, kids.

(b) Channing Tatum, can I buy that supercool Foxcatcher Wrestling sweater off you?

(c) They've tried to make Mark Ruffalo look less attractive, but he just looks like a hipster dad who would have spent a few years in Prague working as a keyboardist for an obscure art-electro collective then got old and couldn't be bothered anymore.

You know the game kiss, marry, kill? Let's play that in the comments. I'll start us off: I'd kiss Channing (obv), become the lawfully wedded wife of Steve Carell cos it's a helluva nose and maybe sorrowfully slay Mark Ruffalo's character. Your turn!


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