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Sophie Atkinson

Oof. You think Thor'd be exhausted from all his protecting Asgard high jinks and thwarting Loki's plans and he'd just want a nice cup of a tea and a sit down. But nope, he's still full of beans. Check out the new Thor: The Dark World banner to watch him leaping into action, wielding Mjolnir and looking all sorts of brutal.

And here's the old banner:

I tell you what, Thor'd be useful to have round the house for hanging up pictures. Where's that hammer of mine? you'd say, scrambling round for that hammer you bought at a flea market for 2 dollars that barely works, all the while gazing lavisciously at Mjolnir. And then Thor would roll his eyes and say 'Enough with the hinting! You only let me live with you cos I'm so handy at DIY.' and you’d chuckle and go, 'Well, it certainly isn’t for your proficiency in doing the washing up, Thor!' Then there'd be a foot rub.

Or, you know, something like that. It's not like I've spent a long time fantasizing about co-habiting with -as-Thor or anything.


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